Formulate Your Own Personal Nutritional Policy – Forget the Government

The mcgovern reportFor years we have known or have at least had an inkling that the nutritional guidelines that trickle down to us, the consumer, are economically and industrially influenced; meaning, that what we eat is influenced by policies that are not really centered on our health.

The 4 Food Groups have been nearly decimated as politically motivated, (notice you don’t hear much about them any more) and nutritionally speaking, they where just a nutritional marketing tool to get us to consume more food servings from every food group out there.

Can you imagine today having 11 servings (cups) of bread, pasta and what ends up being largely refined grains a day? Even your worst, most unhealthy eaters would have trouble with that!

But what’s really behind nutritional policy in America? T Colin Campbell. Ph.D of Cornell University reveals a great deal about this in The China Study. Coming from a person who has held several major nutritional policy positions in the US, the information is very credible and first hand.

But now, with the advent of video and the research from people like Joel Fuhrman M.D. and Michael Greger M.D. both of whom are scouring the nutritional research to make sure we have the most up-to-date nutritional knowledge possible, (most of which is focused on high nutrient density eating), we can actually learn as close to first hand as possible, how to formulate our our own policies–the most influential kind– for how we’re going to eat.

By the way, the 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich approach is a nutritional policy in itself, and it is based on the conclusion that virtually all of today’s nutritional research leads to – consuming mostly foods of plant origin in as close to their natural state as possible, so that you meet ALL of nutrient needs and don’t take in what you don’t need from food.

If you are going to take my advice, and formulate your own nutritional policy, it will do you well to start from here.

So here’s a video from Michael Greger on what’s behind our nutritional guidelines:

The story behind the first U.S. dietary guidelines explains why to this day the decades of science supporting a more plant-based diet have yet to fully translate into public policy.

The mcgovern report

















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