Do You Need to Supplement a Nutrient-Rich Diet with Plant Based Protein?

Protein_Chart_MAIN-500x361In this post we’re going to get into whether or not we need to supplement a nutrient rich diet with plant based protein.  This is a complex subject.

First there are many motivations behind why you would want to supplement a nutrient-rich diet, to begin with. I wrote about this some months ago in a blog post, “why could you need to supplement eating a nutrient rich diet?“.

I also wrote about it in this prior post call “Depleted Soil and the Pitch to Sell Supplements.” And, the answer is?

Well, read those posts and my guess is you’re going to come to the conclusion that it depends on your situation. Dr. Fuhrman always views matters on what the science of the situation says, combined with an understanding of human health and performance and common sense.

First, taking a stance that “you don’t need supplements” is an unqualified blanket statement that is likely not serving you. By the same token, over doing supplements such as plant based protein, based on the latest argument or the popularity of “protein” in general, without evidence or knowledge of it’s effects, is not serving you either.

There are many cases where supplementation makes sense and you always want to air on the side of safe, when it comes to supplementation. See why could you need to supplement eating a nutrient rich diet?

And while it is proven that you can make yourself feel better if you believe that taking something is making you feel better, I think there are some great uses for plant based protein supplements in a nutrient rich diet, but we need to review them carefully.

So, this question requires some study on your part, some advice from someone like Dr. Fuhrman, or the certified nutrition education trainers like me here at

I can say this…

After years of whey protein products as a bodybuilder, then taking whole food protein powders that mimicked the nutrition profile of animal foods, and now not taking hardly any isolated protein, even if it is from whole food, plant-based nutrient rich sources, I can confirm that you don’t need allot of protein.

Today, I maintain my muscle mass with ease, eating green vegetables, beans, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, small amounts of animal products if I eat them (which is rare) and adding organic nutrient rich vegetable and fruit powders such as living barley grass and others on the way, to expand the nutritional profile of what I’m eating. It’s not even necessary but useful when I can’t sit down for a nutrient rich meal and I want to maximize the nutrients I’m getting.

On a product like living barley grass, for example, if you look at the label it appears to be low in protein, but that’s because the protein was never taken out. It’s got plenty of amino acids and combined with a nutrient rich healthy eating style, their uptake directly into muscle tissue is fast. It’s amazing.

Who would have thought, especially so low in calories!

Learn more about supplementing on a high nutrient density eating style.

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