Is it instinctive for us to eat meat?

At the recent Monkey Bar Gym Chain training intensive, Jon Hinds, a good friend of mine and one of the worlds most accomplished trainers, whom I introduced to plant based nutrition about 5 years ago, addressed the question “is it instinctive for us (human’s) to eat meat. ‘

Jon, basically, addressed this question as he was talking to new trainers getting certified in his MBG 3 Training System and I wanted to share the video clip with you.

You may know that you do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to eat Nutrient Rich successfully. But when you change the question from plant vs animal, to one of what are the most nutrient rich foods the way nutritarians do, you’ll end up eating a predominantly plant based diet for the rest of your life especially when you understand these two points.

Now just a few weeks ago we put up a video called The Paleo Diet in a Nutshell, which explains the competing mindset for diet dominance; unfortunately it is a dietary approach to nutrition, with foods that are primary from animals versus plants.

As Jon explains be very careful about what you buy into. Just because man does certain things and may even enjoy them, does not mean that they are all good for you or the health of our planet.

This is not a brand new argument. It began most memorably with the book Fit for Life and has been raised by nutritional based medical doctors such as Dr. Fuhrman for decades but now it’s beginning to hit the mainstream and even the training world, so it’s worth talking it up!

So here’s the video clip:

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