Food is everywhere.

I was in the nail salon the other day, and the food channel was on the TV screen. You simply can’t get away from it even if you try. Two other women were watching intently while Jada whipped up her Italian magic. As I was eavesdropping on the conversation, (what else could I do in such a small space?),  one woman says to the other…”Oh my, what a simple idea, I never thought of doing that”. I started to judge this comment, thinking to myself, how in the world could they not have known such a simple concept. Jada took some left over bread and put it in her blender and made bread crumbs. These 2 women where literally blown away by the idea of how great that would be when they were in the kitchen and out of the store bought stuff.

Not that I am bragging, but I have always made my own breadcrumbs, because the ingredients added in the store bought kind have no business in my body.

I simply take some Ezekiel (sprouted grain bread) bread, tear it up and put it in the blender and “instant nutrient rich” breadcrumbs emerge. I just assumed everyone did this. I guess I was wrong about that.

Sometimes when things are so obvious and simple to us, they simply get discarded as unimportant or don’t register in our minds as something we could do.

For me, it seems like, the more ingredients in a recipe, the less I want to cook it. The more choices when shopping, the less I want to buy. The more choices on a buffet, the more confused I get, and the less I want to eat.

What if you could keep it simple and really nail this “Nutrient Rich Eating” way of eating?

I am going to help you out with this.

Everyday I am going to post a SIMPLE TIP. If you take these simple tips, you can put the basic concepts together and form a mountain of knowledge that will change the way you eat for the better forever.

Can I state it anymore simply that that?

Coming up in the next post…KEEP IT SIMPLE TIP #1 – Beets

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