The New Two Word Buzz Term for Healthy Eating

John Allen Mollenhauer (that’s me) began promoting “Nutrient Rich”, the new two word buzz term for healthy eating back in 2005, when the USDA Dietary Guidelines recognized nutrient density as the fundamental principle of nutrition and the “Low Fat, Low Cal, Low Carb” diet fads began to quiet down.

Low fat foods, low carb foods and low cal foods, while still being promoted today with strong followings, all passed as fads as many people learned that even if a food is “low in calories (relative to it’s usual version) or low in carbohydrates or fat, if it’s still a nutrient poor food, it will NOT promote your health.

Would you go on a low fiber diet, or a low vitamin or mineral diet?

No! Although, you are if you are eating most low cal, low fat, low carb foods) which are nutrient poor.

Would you eat a low phytochemical or low antioxidant diet? Of course not.

You are if you eating most “health foods” or foods labeled low fat, low carb or low cal or a diet “based” in animal products.

So, if you can’t go low in anything else, the way to eat better is to eat high nutrient foods.

Enter Nutrient Rich!

“Nutrient density” or eating a “nutrient dense” diet was not very appealing, so the consumer research showed that people loved the term “Nutrient Rich” as a term to represent healthy eating.

Most people know the difference between rich and poor and this new two-word buzz term has gone a long way in helping people learn the difference between a food that is rich in nutrients and one that is poor.

That’s a role Nutrient plays – helping to define what it means to eat Nutrient Rich, vs nutrient poor or nutrient barren, which is more obvious.

Excited about the opportunity to help define what it meant to eat “Nutrient Rich” and promote a revolutionary way of eating that people could quickly understand, I created The Food Class System at It was one of the first nutrient density-based food indexes ever created and was inspired in part by “The China Study and “The Top 12 Findings of The China Study”, which he published online with the authors.

Realizing that “Nutrient Rich” did not necessarily mean eating 100% vegan or vegetarian but certainly a predominantly plant based diet; I have made it my mission to help people experience that eating plant based is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Today, is now promoting the Certificate In Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University.


John Allen is a certified professional trainer and coach and is also the founder of the Performance and The Lifestyle Coaching, based in Livingston NJ. He is a leading authority in lifestyle training, coaching and solutions.

He is known for helping people live healthy, at or near their ideal weight all year round with The Lifestyle [LS 365] Guidance System he facilitates with nutrition and lifestyle coach Rosie Battista. He is the co-author of The Curse of the Capable – The Hidden Challenge to a Balanced, Healthy, High Achieving Life, with Arthur Ciaramicoli PhD and Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms.

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