Eating for Health (and weight loss?)

Eating for Health (and weight loss?)

I recently send out a questionnaire to some of my clients and want to share with you a question that I asked them.  The question was HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN STRUGGLING TO LOSE WEIGHT.  (How would you answer this question?)

If you are like the many responses I received you probably have a similar situation ranging from “I AM ALWAYS TRYING TO LOSE THAT EXTRA 10 pounds” to “I have been struggling with overweight MY WHOLE LIFE”.

If I am honest about it, I suffered the same DIS- EASE, obsessively trying to control my weight which never seemed to be right for my body and head…I accomplished major weight losses throughout my life by  deprivation dieting or excessive exercising only to find myself back in the “FAT ZONE” and feeling even more miserable. Firstly because I had broken my promise that I would never be fat and again and secondly because I felt out of control with my food. Deprivation dieting and excessive exercising left me just plain miserable and in an unsustainable position.  I mean how long can you really last on steamed broccoli and grilled chicken before you turn into a starving binge eating carbo-holic? And how many hours can you hang out in the gym before your boss notices you are late for work everyday?

So I made some discoveries and some changes

  • I turned my pain into my passion. Reading, writing, learning and experiencing FOOD and what actually works.
  • I used my own body as a science project and tried many different ways of eating, discovering that most were unsustainable and the weight gain followed.
  • Uncovered my own “issues” (not food related) that were keeping me weighed down and fat.

Regardless of whether I went to WEIGHT PROGRAM meeting (there are many and you know them well) or labeled myself as vegetarian, vegan, raw… it didn’t work for long.  My biggest discovery is that I removed all labels from my eating. I EAT FOR HEALTH (and surprisingly enough NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS is a side effect of that!)

We’ll continue to talk about what exactly eating for health really means and my biggest pet peeve, which is the myth that eating healthy has to be boring and that you would be sacrificing all the good stuff.

So ask yourself :

  • Are you happy at your current weight?
  • How would you feel if you could lose weight NATURALLY?
  • How would you feel if you really loved the food you ate every day?

TO BE CONTINUED: ( we need to talk) What does eating for health really mean, How can you do it sustainably, How can you make simple, quick and easy recipes that will excite your palette, and How can you get out of the diet traps that leave you FAT.

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