Weight Control

Are You Sacrificing Your Health For Success

In the classic O. Henry story The Gift of the Magi, the wife has beautiful long hair, the husband a treasured pocket watch. She cuts and sells her hair to buy him a watch chain. He sells his watch to buy her a hair comb. Many people make a similarly well intentioned, but ultimately futile …

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MYTH: Carbs Are the Enemy

Think you can’t eat carbs AND lose weight? Your right, carbs are the enemy if the picture to the left is your image of eating carbohydrates. You are wrong if you think it means eliminating fruit, and beans etc. Time to bust this weight loss-only myth once and for all! The Truth: You CAN eat …

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Develop a “New Normal” Healthy Eating Style You Can Call Your Own

nutrientrich.com provides the simplest and most direct path to healthy eating and success! There is a new voice in the nutrition community—and it is a booming one! John Allen Mollenhauer, a leading proponent of the More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich® Approach to nutrient rich healthy eating, is proud to announce the re-launch of nutrientrich.com, a robust …

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Do You Know Your Healthy Eating Score?

So, do you know your Healthy Eating Score? Well, in this video,the healthy eating score is really a Nutrient Rich Score, since a healthy eating score is more than the percentage of calories supplied by foods typically high in phytochemicals, or phytonutrients (thousands of plant-derived chemicals essential to maintaining human immunity and therefore health the …

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Lose Weight the Nutrient Rich Way in 2012

If you are going to lose weight, do it the nutrient-rich way. It’s very different, than the nutrient deprivation approach that so many people are used to, or proactively eating less (dieting) and dependency on obsessively exercising to burn calories to lose weight. I’ll share with you a few insights on each of these going-nowhere …

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Newly Minted 50 Year Old Woman Loses 35lbs and Stands Side by Side Her 20 Year Old Daughter With Tantalizing Allure, Beauty and Grace!

Not only did she lose weight in a Nutrient Rich way, she fulfilled a long held ambitious dream to compete in a figure competition, and even better yet with her 20 year old daughter who is also a site to behold. See the picture of Rosie “Now”.

Are You Counting Calories For Weight Control, or Making Every Calorie Count?

I spend most of my life counting calories. It was either the amount of calories, the number on the scale, the size of my jeans, or the candles on my birthday cake. It was always a number game. It was a simple concept; the lower the number the better. These numbers only succeeded in making me feel fatter and older the more I obsessed over them. It was not till later in my life that I realized that, in reality, none of these things were the right thing to focus on.

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