5 Of The Best Foods That Increase Your Energy


Next time your energy drops skip the caffeine and Power Up!

No you don’t have to “give up” the caffeine all together; you’ll “eliminate” it when you no longer have a need for it (maybe never if you are a coffee lover). But know this, caffeine is not increasing your energy, it’s making you more exhausted.

There is only one way to actually increase your energy and that is… to RECUPERATE IT! Almost everything else is a stimulant, there are exceptions.

Did you know that all foods are stimulating? Yes that’s right ALL FOODS are stimulating, not just caffeine and chocolate. Even watermelon is stimulating, some foods are more so than others. It’s usually the “foodstuffs” that are man made or processed to provide extra kick that set you up for a crash, poor health and lowered performance.

You’re better off grabbing fruit, nuts, or beans, “watermelon” or some other natural food concoction to stimulate yourself when you are tired than going for a Milky Way bar. Actually you can find Nutrient Rich Chocolate bars today that are chocolaty and ten times better for you at the same time. The difference is negligible for you chocolate lovers.

The following foods will stimulate your energy more effectively because they are Nutrient Rich, they contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that combat inflammation, support your immune system, and help you recover faster from exercise. In other words, they promote your health and performance and give you an edge.

But know this… no food, not even Nutrient Rich food will give you the energy you’re missing when you’re living out of balance and burning out. As a business owner, you may have a sense for what I’m talking about.

Here are five of the best foods to eat and refuel with for energy.

  1. FruitSnack on fruits of any kind: They’re rich in many vitamins, including vitamin C, a powerful nutrient that can have an antioxidant effect 20 minutes after you eat it. If you prefer juice, choose one with pulp for more fiber. Actually, juicing fruit and eating it without the fiber is better than soda, but it’s not whole food and the sugar hit, albeit natural and healthier than refined sugar, will have a stimulant effect like drinking coffee. Both will promote weight gain, depending on the circumstances of your overall diet.
  2. Agave NectarReplace the white sugar in your tea with agave nectar, it’s so sweet and it’s not super stimulating. It has a low glycemic level and is a delicious and safe alternative to table sugar. Agave syrup is fructose in its natural form. This nectar does not contain processing chemicals.
  3. BeansEat a cup of beans such as kidney (best), chick peas (garbanzo beans) black beans (cooked any style, just don’t add salt, or wash it off from the canned version) for a calorie appropriate source of nutrients and food energy; great with avocado and nuts and greens.
  4. Trail (Fruit & Nut) Mix (unroasted, unsalted, no preservatives) or as close as possible.Make a trail mix out of your favorite nuts and seeds (like walnuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, and pumpkin and sesame seeds, Goji berries, raisins, and a little bit of dark chocolate cocal). Include as much or as little of each ingredient as you like (they’re all healthy) Eat just one handful of the mix-you’ll get quick a stimulating response as these concentrated sources of calories, will keep you metabolism working. They are can be calorie rich, but they are Nutrient Rich too.
  5. Berry JuicesMix 4 -6oz. of dark berry juice-like grape, pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, açai, or black currant-with water. If you are not very active at the time and you don’t need a great deal of simple carbohydrate, make sure you dilute the juice to help keep sugar levels down. Look for a brand with low sugar content – Odwalla, Naked other.

There are more Nutrient Rich foods than you will ever get to in your life time to fuel your body with sustainable energy. But, increasing energy is more a function of recuperation than eating, unless your body has not been fueled in a while, so keep this in mind. The energy depletion most people are suffering from is not a lack of calories, its low vital energy. Learn the difference and you’ll be well on your way to managing your energy like a pro!

John Allen Mollenhauer is the Founder of Performance Lifestyle Solutions, the better healthier ways to achiever your goals, for Achievers.

A former worn down workaholic turned Healthy High Achiever, John Allen or ”JAM” will help you Manage Your Energy Like a Proä to look feel and perform better. Achieve your goals in life, business and sport with your health and well being in tact. www.PerformanceLifestyleSolutions.com

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