FoodMatters.TV the New Movie that is Waking Us Up!

My good friend Tony Findlay author of the Human ECO System, and many health related films… Skyped me from Australia last night and told me that he had been at the premier of the Food Matters film, created by two beautiful ‘Aussie’ filmakers he knows as friends. It looks wonderful, powerful and influential.

At the time of this writing, I have only watched the trailer, and it was clear. You are what you eat!

There is more to this film that food, it’s about the whole enchilada that we’re caught up in. Get ready to be awakened.

This weekend I will be watching the movie, it’s $4.95, what a bargain. The last movie I saw "The Counterfeiters" (which was a great movie by the way) was $9.00.

There is consciousness happening in this world. Check it out!

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