The Everything in Moderation Trap

#2 The “Everything in Moderation” Trap:

Why does this seemingly sound principle fail us when it comes to eating?

This trap is particularly effective at snaring the unwary eater because it’s regularly passed off as a principle.

“Moderation in everything” is used to end nutritional discussions before they begin, as if it were a “universal law.”  In most areas of life, moderation is pretty good advice but when it comes to what you put into your body, it’s a huge diet trap.

Just because a food substance is allowed by the FDA does not mean its health promoting, even when taken in moderation. Is refined sugar and caramel coloring in small amounts health promoting? Of course not!

You don’t need an extreme example to demonstrate – immediately and emphatically – the inaccuracy of that phrase. Of course, you don’t have to be an idealist to eat successfully; there are times when you’ll consume things that don’t ideally promote your health, even when eating Nutrient Rich.

Get free of this trap, a mantra created by lobbyists for the traditional “Four Food Groups” which pretty much ensures, you’ll get overweight and eventually sick, no matter how much you exercise!
A balanced diet is a good thing, within the nutrient rich food universe; but striving for balance between nutrient rich and nutrient poor foods is a trap. Nutrient poor will win that tug-of-war until you stop playing that game. 

I can’t wait for you to discover the nutrient rich food universe that awaits you; there is a nutrient rich version of almost everything you’re eating today. Eat nutrient rich and the likelihood of your getting overweight and sick will go way down!  As Nutrient Rich Advisor Joel Fuhrman MD Says, "you can disease-proof"

The next trap is called The “Pills, Powders, and Potions” Trap: Why Eating Nutrient Poor Food and Making up the Difference with Supplements, Will Not Promote Your Health.

You will be very suprised about what you learn about trap #3 

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