The Eat Less, Exercise more trap

Trap #1: “The Ultimate Diet Trap: Eat Less, Exercise more”

If you’re overweight, eating less makes sense, at least on the surface. Why is it a trap? Because both overeating and under-exercising are effects, not causes.

So let’s focus on why do we overeat? 

1. Most of us are chronically exhausted and overwhelmed, so we eat to stimulate ourselves through the day. Flagging at 10 am? Have a cup of coffee and a pastry. Falling asleep in the afternoon meeting? Grab a bagel and a soda.

When we use food as a stimulant drug, we confuse our hunger signals and end up eating when we don’t need to.

2. The food we eat is predominantly nutrient-poor. It is high in calories (excess energy), but poor in the thousands of nutrients our bodies need to maintain health. So while we get full, we are rarely satisfied and fulfilled. Our physical need for nutrients drives us to over consume.

When we think the problem is our overeating, we restrict our portion size; just one form of dieting that always fails.

We skip meals. And, we’re now trying to fuel our bodies with even fewer nutrients than before, eating less of the same nutrient poor foods.

Despite what you have heard about the Western diet, we’re basically overfed and malnourished.  Eventually, we “fall off the diet” or “cheat” and eat like a horse in an effort to get the nutrients our bodies are literally dying for complicated by addictions to foods that don’t serve us. 

Are you overeating? There are very practical reasons why, besides stress!

You naturally eat less because of the quality of the food you eat. Once it serves your needs, you’re not hungry anymore. Stress and social eating is a different story, but both are harder to do when you eat Nutrint Rich food; they are easy when it’s you eat nutrient poor.

GET FREE of this trap today! Eat Better, Not Less!

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The next trap is called “Everything in Moderation”: Why This Seemingly Sound Principle Fails Us When It Comes to Eating.

John Allen Mollenhauer, performance lifestyle trainer and coach, author and speaker. He is the founder of the revolutionary way to eat for health and success; part of the Performance Lifestyle System(tm). John Allen works with achievement oriented people who want to be healthy and successful. He teaches the 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better that Healthy High Achieving people live by.

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