An Inconvenient Truth That Can Inspire YOU in 2007.

In just the past week alone, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel ran multiple documentaries on the subject of global warming or what’s otherwise known as “climate change”.  

National Geographic has the clearing of the Amazon on its front cover and there are many other
references to what is happening right now to our planet in the mainstream media every day; the result of what’s mostly thought to be a fossil fuel and emissions issue.

The mainstream media is telling us every day about this problem, but what they don’t understand is that it’s more than the burning of fossil fuels in your Humvee that’s causing the problem, it’s your food choices.

We are eating a diet that is predominantly based on animal foods and refined foods, the production of which is largely what’s causing the accumulation of Co2 in our atmosphere that is creating global warming.   

If you have to raise “billions” of animals for food, to feed other animals (humans) who would naturally eat predominantly plant foods, you can imagine how our land, water and natural resources are being spent in a way that is throwing the whole ecology of our planet off.

Not only do we need to feed 6 plus billion people but we have to feed 10 plus billion animals a year to create the food most westernized populations are now eating.

This morning I got a newsletter from John McDougall M.D a Nutrient Rich Lifestyle, Health and Science Advisor, talking about this very subject.

Here’s the headline:

An Inconvenient Truth: We Are Eating Our Planet to Death. Choosing a Plant-food Based Diet Is a Moral Issue

In the newsletter he provides great facts and figures and quotes Nicholas Cage (2004):

“It means if there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action.” 

It’s an inconvenient truth I know to realize you might need to change cars But know this, our food choices are at the center of the problem and making changes to a better quality diet is what we’re doing anyway!

This inconvenient truth can inspire YOU in 2007 to hit the goal we’re aiming for which is 80-90% or more, Nutrient Rich foods. is first and foremost about eating for health and success in our lives, free of diet weight and long term health issues and eating a predominantly plant based diet is at the heart the solution.

This is why I have often steered clear of political issues so as not the muddy the waters while we get this message heard and focus on the goal. I felt and feel I can do more to solve this global problem by helping people hit a goal that directly promotes their health and success, than to be a crusader on the global warming crisis when the goal in eating Nutrient Rich solves the problem.

But climate change, largely the result of clearing land to produce meat and milk (not the only but among the largest causes of the problem) is a big deal and needs to also be addressed directly, particularly because its not only a food issue.  

The whole agriculture system we have today is set up to feed millions of people a second and third class diet that is rich in calories but poor in nutrients and it’s ruining our planet. But we also have to make other changes so that we maintain the ecology of our planet. So get educated on this.

I am no longer going to sit idle on this an neither should you.

Don’t think for an instant that your food choice don’t matter, they do. Don’t think for an instant that this is environmental hype, it’s not. Don’t think for an instant that this doesn’t effect you, it does!  And your kids too – especially your kids.

It’s not that inconvenient. Improving our food quality is a good thing with all kinds benefits and it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Changing out cars the like can also happen over time, especially now that some of our cool cars and stuff are becoming more environmentally friendly.

But start with your food!

The irony here is that you don’t need to become a crusader to solve the problem. To solve the problem all you need to do is take care of you and your family and eat a Nutrient Rich diet!

There will always be someone telling you just what you might want to hear. “There is no problem, it’s all false and hype”. These are false profits; they are purchased people who have an interest in you eating the way you currently do. Food marketing is at the root of this; the beef industry the dairy council and others.

I recogonize that these people have families to feed too and that’s why they defend their products, I respect that. But the production of these products as a significant part of our diets, the majority of our diets that animal products have become, is raping this planet. Keep this in mind as you make your food choices.

We have never said become a vegan or a vegetarian at, but eating a predminantly plant based diet is the way to go, for your health and the health of the planet!

In closing:

This post is meant to inspire, not educate. I’m leaving that to experts on the subject. But consider making the transition to the goal of 80-90% Nutrient Rich whole foods, of plant origin in 2007. Not only will you save your body, but you’ll save the planet.

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