Nutrient Rich in the New Year…

Here’s what’s happening in the New Year at

  • Re-launch the Nutrient Rich Revolution Ebook for download. – if you are just discovering Nutrient Rich eating, this ebook will tune you into the first 3 and most important chapters you will read from the upcoming book. This ebook will also enable you to introduce better eating to friends and family in way that works!
  • Nutrient Rich Success Teleseminar Series – a series of seminars you can access by phone, at home or at work to discover and learn how to eat Nutrient Rich.
  • Nutrient Rich Lifestyle system – will be launched to provide you with the most pratical system for eating successfully (health and success) ever! It’s about how, not why!
  • will become a members site – as we add in new features. What is free for now, (not including the blog) will be part of the new members site. It will come bundled with the Nutrient Rich Lifestyle system.
  • We will be debating some critical issues that go overlooked in media even, among hard core nutrition sites.
  • We will be adding a Nutrient Rich Forum! Members, can discuss the issues.  
  • We intend to expand the Nutrient Rich Food and Recipe Database this year. As you develop Nutrient Rich meals, upload your recipes to the database.
  • We will be providing Nutrient Rich Solutions, access to Nutrient Rich products and services you can being to incorporate in your lifestyle.

We look forward to your involvement in the Nutrient Rich community this year!

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