Bread-Heavy Diet Linked to Kidney Cancer

More and more evidence is coming out to show that the problem with our nutrition is not so much in the amount we eat but the quality of what we eat. Tufts University determined that the ingestion of refined carbohydrates directly correlated to an increase in abdominal fat. Now studies coming out of Milan, Italy and published October 20 in the online edition of the International Journal of Cancer show a relationship between refined grains and renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer). Those who had the highest intake of white bread and to a small degree, white pasta and white rice had 2 times the risk of contracting kidney cancer as those who had the smallest intake of refined grains. Eating a high amount milk and yogurt also increased their risk by 1.3 times.

Who had the least amount of risk? "…Even though more study is needed, Bravi said, "Our study suggests that a diet poor in refined cereals and rich in vegetables may have a favorable role on the risk of renal cell carcinoma."…

The American Cancer Sociey admits the findings need to be replicated and other factors may have played into it such as the use of butter (a third class food), but the increase in insulin resistance and the increase in blood glucose caused by eating refined grains is a contributing factor that cannot be discounted.

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