My newest toy

I am a gadget geek, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets and if they are time saving gadgets, even more so! I finally parted company with my worn out non-stick pots and replaced them with a set where the lids actually form a seal. How amazing is that? I even invested in a slow cooker after almost 30 years of marriage and I can’t believe it took me so long to try one. But the BEST thing I EVER did was invest in an amazing blender call the Turbo Blend 4500.

For most of the week I work from home during the day, but that does not make time for food prep any less of a problem. I need to dash out the door most nights by 5 PM, for my evening appointments and that means meals have to be prepared for my family before I leave, so they can eat when they get in at 7.

Enter the Turbo Blend 4500. When the description said it rotates at speeds of up to 218 miles per hour, I began to wonder whether I was suppose to cook with it or drive it. Today I took it out for its first road test. I reached for the included recipe book dipped into my cache of fresh and frozen vegetables and set out to make for myself a nutrient rich lunch. In went the vegetables and some spices, on went the lid, turned on the switch and no exaggeration within 5 minutes I had HOT and I do mean HOT, steaming thick vegetable soup! No pots to clean, no endless chopping, peeling and washing, no messy sauteing. Dump it all in, turn it on high and let it do its thing. Clean up was a snap too.

I can’t wait to try the cold soups, the smoothies, the fruit sauces…..mmm…..and to think it took me all these years to discover how easy eating Nutrient Rich could be! Like any thing else – as I go on I discover more and more, the quality of the tools determines the outcome. It is a small price to pay when you consider the health benefits you gain by investing in things like the Turbo Blender 4500. You no longer have to worry about having "time" to eat well. A mixed green salad and a slice of whole grain bread and my meal was complete, in ten minutes!

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