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I was out in NYC last night and went to a restaurant called Souen.
Souen serves natural foods the most delicious organic meals in the world!

I noticed…

I noticed… even after dessert, not only was I full and fulfilled, I had tried a variety of 4 different dishes from soup to a dessert called “Crunch” that will blow your mind, I was comfortable, and satisfied, but I felt better after the meal– and this is something most people don’t experience.

I’m not just talking full, I’m talking about feeling clean, nourished, fueled up, and ready!

Eating a nutrient poor diet, while you might get full, and for a least a little while experience some of the other attributes I listed above, the one thing most people never feel is better; they follow a meal with guilt, and stories about how they have to exercise more, and how they usually don’t eat so much; and then, they have to worry about the after effects.

You’ll soon realize that eating better, higher standard nutrient rich foods is a whole different experience … and it will never cease to amaze you.

This is my experience. For example, last night, I discovered 4 new dishes, new foods and new tastes and all I can say is (oh my…!)

Here’s a link to Souen if you are in the NYC area and would like to give it a try.

By the way; no need to pay attention to the term macrobiotic, although learning what this body of knowledge has to say about food is fascinating.

I say this only because I think certain kinds of labels get in the way of the eating experience. You will find nothing but organic nutrient rich meals at this restaurant and discover amazing foods!

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