There are 3 things you can do when it comes to food…

1) Eat the standard western (American) diet that is 97% nutrient poor and only 7% Nutrient Rich, and experience the same survival standard of health most people experience -with overweight and illness in your future.

2) You can eat less of the standard diet with the ratio’s about the same, even improved a bit, and be a little better off.


3) You can eat 80-90% or more Nutrient Rich foods, and lose the need to lose weight and the expectation that getting sick is inevitable; it’s not. You can experience optimal health, with the core prerequisite for better energy and fitness in place,(the other core essentials of lifestyle come into play here too) while you enjoy eating!

That’s not a tough decision!

So I’m going to put in blatant commercial…

Join us a member of – discover amazing foods, lose weight, dramatically improve your health.

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