Don’t lose site of the bigger picture, beyond weight loss.

The diet and weight loss industry is a 50 billion dollar industry.
With the standard American diet of animal products and refined foods comprising 93% of what we eat. These are energy dense, calorie rich, nutrient poor foods… it’s no wonder why!

It’s also no surprise why the conversation is always focused on weight loss. But here’s another perspective.

Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture; health, performance and athletics; an active, fitness oriented lifestyle. When you simply put your attention here and stop focusing on the impotent goal of weight loss, you call attention to living in ways that do not promote the overweight condition.

You don’t see too many athletic people eating poorly, because what they’re up to, is demanding and it bolsters how they live, so that they have the capabilities they need and get the results they want.

The funny thing is, today, even if you’re not focused on health, performance or athletics, life is going to be demanding anyway!

So how you live is everything and it all starts with what you eat.

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