Eating Better, does not mean you’ll lose weight

So many people think that the second I start talking about eating Nutrient Rich we’re talking about going on a diet to lose weight. I’m not suprised because so many of us need to lose weight these days, especially as we come out of the delusionary dance with eating nutrient poor foods which have been promoted over the last several decades en masse as healthy foods.

Nutrient poor foods are not health promoting foods.

Eating better quality foods means we get healthy first… weight loss is a side benefit of getting healthy, since you’re not promoting a diseased condition anymore. But you can still be overweight.

Weight is a function of the quality of the food you eat and your activity levels; not to mention how well you recuperate and manage your energy. But energy is another story and only the single most important essential of health, that is completely overlooked.

But back to food. If you need to lose weight… losing weight aggresively, The Nutrient Rich Way is a secondary step that you want to take AFTER you have improved the quality of the food you eat in a successful way.

Trying to lose weight manipulating the food you eat, is a diet trap. The only way to lose weight is to live successfully and that means eating Nutrient Rich food.

I can’t wait for you to read the full chapter “Losing Weight The Nutrient Rich Way” in The Nutrient Rich Revolution. This is a powerfully simple and profound idea at the same time.

This chapter will introduce you to the new conversation around weight, and frankly you will never look at living at or near your ideal weight the same way again. Eating the worlds best foods, in great tasting ways, makes all the difference in the world when it comes to improving your health and losing weight all in the same process

3 thoughts on “Eating Better, does not mean you’ll lose weight”

  1. I agree with this. We may still get into a diet without sacrificing the usual food that we eat. A good planned menu with healthy food is really important to have in order to know on how to build a balance diet.

  2. I gotta say, I started a 30 day trial of eating Raw at the start of March, to raise funds for the flood victims of Queensland. Losing weight wasn't my intention, and I've deliberately NOT included any extra exercises, but my joints have stopped creaking (day 3), I'm feeling fuller than I ever have, and I've dropped 5kg in just the first week! I'm 2/3 of the way through reading the China Study (eye opening book) and it says right there that the mice fed a plant based diet did more exercise voluntarily, than the meat-fed ones. I'm feeling more energy so I can definitely relate to wanting to move more, just for the joy of how good your body feels eating this way…

    BTW I have a body composition scales, and none of that loss was muscle. Muscle mass is going up, as is hydration. I'm loving it!

    Please come visit to check out my journey, and sponsor me for whatever you can spare – all donations this month are going to them.

  3. To successfully lose weight, you must carry out
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    Ideally, dieting should be done by eating a nutritionally
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