Eating Better, great taste and the quality of your food.

It never ceases to amaze me how eating better is so misunderstood. Let’s face it, if you think that eating better means eating bland or boring food, you are doomed from the start. The only reason why this belief exists is because we’ve manufactured foods that are so super stimulating; nothing natural will ever satisfy your taste buds until you give your taste buds the chance to come back, down to earth, again.

The ultimate dichotomy exists today between what is "good food and bad food", and it usually defined by taste, but underlying taste, is always the quality of the food.

When you are eating nutrient poor food which is rich in pleasure stimulating chemicals (usually unnatural chemicals) and either low or devoid of nutrients, all you can think about is the pleasure hit you just got, when you’re going to get it again, and you overlook the quality of the food your eating on a nutritional basis; quality is defined by pleasure alone.  

When you eat Nutrient Rich, you recognize something different, that when your taste buds come out of the clouds, these foods are just as good or better and great taste is based on naturally occurring chemicals that stimulate pleasure along with the fulfillment that comes with getting the nutrients you need to succeed.  

Nutrient Density is the powering nutritional principle behind eating Nutrient Rich. But Nutrient Rich is not just a nutritional concept, it’s the key marker for the core quality of a food on a nutrient density basis, that then unearths a whole cascade of discoveries that will move you; move you towards eating better, Nutrient Rich foods not only for great taste but the health and success that comes with it.  

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