Fasting and Eating For Health

water-OptimizedWelcome to my journal fasting and eating for health. 

This not a quick Journal, but a journal for 21 days, 12 of which were spent water-only fasting to rejuvenate and recalibrate my body. This fasting and eating for health period will be a transformation of a special kind. It will chronical my experience fasting and illustrate for you in an accentuated way what happens when you get out of your body’s way, keep it nourished, detoxified, stabilized and strong by eating in a nutrient rich way and periodically give it a chance to rest from eating.

I am at the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa California, the leader world wide and medically supervised fasting for a change of pace, location and point of reference; I will also re-calibrate my eating for health, even though its already credibly healthy, get an infusion of nutrition education, commune with others, and of course rejuvenate my personal energy.

My main reason for being here is rejuvenation, so I not going to be spending a great deal of time online, just journaling and checking in periodically, when I need to exercise my brain. I will keep updating this post over the next 12 days. 

Arrived April 30th. 

Day One: 

Very tired, even though I don’t feel it. I’m super stimulated from the trip preparations and last minute tying up of lose ends so I could clear a window of space for rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is so essential to health, function and sustained success at anything at any level and lately, I have been lax on it. So this week is all about sleep, rest, recovery and relaxation for a focused period.

I ate my first day because facing my fatigue was too uncomfortable. I need the stimulation from even healthy food and the enjoyment that comes with it. Facing extreme fatigue is not easy, but it must be faced head on and in stages, Nothing affects eating habits more than your current energy levels.

Given the chance to recuperate, I was overwhelmed by the deep recharging that kicked in the minute I actually “stopped”. I’m feeling it right now – the fatigue below the surface. It’s no wonder people can’t stop. Misinterpreting fatigue, for one, throws them off, but for most, they are so fatigued it’s just too uncomfortable to stop. Fatigue can really play tricks on you in every way, as all functions go haywire including thinking when your vital energy is low.

Getting free of energy debt (largely) is my primary objective here. Accumulated energy debt has been negatively affecting me lately, has caused me to eat more when I’m not hungry, and gain some added  pounds; albeit nutrient rich!

Day Two: 

Next stage in my progression is today. I am juicing today, no solid food, just 4 juices today…I can already feel the regeneration taking place, but I have to be careful not to “bounce” and think everything is better. I am sinking into not coming out of my malaise. I have to stay powered down if I want to achieve my objective which is to power up my body for a longer haul. I have to stay facing my fatigue, the longer I do so and head on in this case, the better

I enjoy the juice and noticed that It felt better than prior years going from regular eating straight into the fasting state. A good buffer and a progression, not only is teaching me much about progressions and grounding me in new behaviors, but it’s also, preparing my desire to not eat at all. Out of the gate, fasting was feeling to stressful a progression so juicing is really helping. Plus, learned a great new juice recipe today. Progress comes in inches!

I clarified the 4 types of fasting in the process: 

  1. Sleep fasting – everybody does this every day… when they sleep and break fast in the morning then engage in regular eating 2-3-5 times a day.
  2. Intermittent fasting – which is extending the time before your next meet from 8 hours up to 16 hours or more but still eating on a daily basis or so. Meals are still significant.
  3. Juice Fasting – is only fasting in contrast to the way we usually eat, but not really fasting yet. It’s more like dieting, but easier because it’s nutrient rich food. The benefits are great, but I am feeling a little more hungry today than I will feel say, on day 3 of the fast as my body completely switches over to a fasting state and is not taking in any outside fuel. Right now I’m in between.
  4. Water Only Fasting – which is water only (distilled) and when your body is at complete physiological rest from significant activity, food etc. This blog post will become a stress to me tomorrow. so they will get shorter.

Going to lectures throughout the day, listening to good music and still interacting with the world somewhat. But the day is riddled with naps and meditation at will…

Note: My body has already eliminated 3 lbs at this point, and I can see the dial moving on all vital signs as I have doctors checking me every day. 

Will check in again later or tomorrow…

Addition: Last night, I did eat dinner again. Facing my accumulated fatigue, I was unable to endure the low grade stress of fasting (hormesis) at the same time. Today I am feeling much better and have entered the full fasting state.

Before bed I helped another man understand that his chronic fatigue did not mean that he was depressed, but that his energy was low and therefore that’s how he felt. It was very gratifying. Something so simple as learning how to understand energy levels can make a profound difference. What a wake up call for him. Oh and I threw in an awakening, so he could also discover more of who he really is, not the thoughts that have been driving him a little bit crazy for years and driving him into the ground through constant performance. This very successful man, seemed happier than he had been in years. I slept well.

Day 3

Today, I really feel the changes of moving into the acute fasting state kicking into gear. Now, in a different stress mode and with increased energy levels, I’m able to cope with the short term desire to eat and not feeding it while my body shifts into a prolonged fasting mode and starts eating stored reserves for the week. I couldn’t do that yesterday, but today I can.

Getting some nice sun, and listening to some great lectures. Last night, from Doug Lisle PhD who is a psychologist and co author of The Pleasure Trap.

It’s amazing how fast your body adjusts when you give it the right causes and conditions to thrive. I am literally watching my body transform by the day.

This past year I ate more nutrient rich than I ever have before more consistently and followed the 5 Golden Rules of Healthy Eating and truth is, I can feel it as I fast. I’m in the prolonged fasting state and have more energy than yesterday. I am eating ironically, only the food that is already in the fridge “stored on my body”, not new food I am adding.

I have no headaches, no detoxification, no discomfort. Nada, nothing, just calm abiding (besides the work stress I had this morning, where not one cell wanted to engage- I am working about 20- hours a week against the advice of my doctors, but that’s a far cry from my usual 60+). I worked for a few hours then made it clear to the world around me, that I am not here to work, I am here to regenerate my energy, come back into balance and use what I’ve already consumed, not more, so i am working very slowly, and keeping it to a minimum.

Yes, I AM keeping this journal and taking care of some business, since that’s life in 2013, but it’s the exception, not the rule.

I am reminded about how amazing it will be when millions of people realize that if they where to nutrify and detoxify their body, they would have a new stability and strength with natural, healthy eating, and the renewed strength that comes when they are no longer overwhelmed by foodstuffs and their toxic load, and start eating a whole foods, plant based nutrient rich eating style that is amazing.

I just finished watching the movie “I AM” and it was amazing. Directed by Tom Shadyac, the same Director who put out Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty, it’s about one of the greatest mental illnesses we have today, consuming more than we need . Totally enlightening.

I am going out for a walk now…

Day 4

I must say this has been a pleasant experience so far. As I’ve said in prior fasts… am I hungry? Not but I “I could eat”. I’m not in the least bit interested though as I am eating, just stored reserves. It’s great to have a break from food. My desires to eat are going to be completely renewed, I will appreciate it so much more, and in the process I am transforming my body. All good.

My energy is really coming back. I definitely feel my body slowing down, as it shifts fuel sources from new food to fat sources and my body enters ketosis – which is living on fatty acids. My body is now done with glycogen reserves and I’m fully in the prolonged fasting state. But my vital energy reserve is increasing by the day. I can feel my body recharging. It’s a bit uncomfortable at times, but I understand what is going on.

I spent some time today again with Robert C. It’s been very gratifying to help him awaken not only to his authentic self and get free of the psychological orientation that has been driving him for so hard for so long, but also to share with him Performance Lifestyle principles. It’s like he found the grail, when in reality he’s finally aligning himself with the fundamentals of balanced, healthy, “successful” living and getting free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that are holding him back; starting with the greatest and most important lifestyle change any of us can make — knowing who we are, why we are here and our purpose. AKA, getting realigned with our authentic Self.

He is also learning the core of the Lifestyle, how to regenerate his energy. He has been completely misinterpreting fatigue and thinking “he” is depressed, when in reality he’s in personal energy debt. Combined with his inauthentic orientation, that’s why he’s been depressed and now he can see the light. He’s elated. It’s been amazing to be part of.

I know his position extremely well, as I suffered from it for years. All caught up in ego, in energy debt, living out of balance, without enough support… etc, etc… I’m so grateful to know how to interpret these symptoms accurately, and resolve them.

I am going to nap allot today, and read, after this, as I am in a deep rejuvenation period. I’ve done enough activity today.

Note: I learned a big lesson today. Vitamin D, can deplete very fast. I got my blood tests back and my D was quite low. I haven’t been in the sun for several weeks and ran out of Vitamin D and it’s amazing how low it got. Given the fact that this vitamin/hormone is so influential, it’s very important to supplement it. It plays major roles in brain function, nervous system function, eye sight, calcium absorption… the lack of which can cause depression, heart disease and cancer…. Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D! It’s also pretty inexpensive.

Don’t think just because you are eating nutrient rich super foods like mushrooms, you don’t have to supplement. You do. See Dr. Fuhrman’s OsteoSun here.

Day 5

Weight continues to melt off. I have set an intention to maintain a new weight and stabilize around it. I’ve been carrying a good 25 extra pounds for a long time. They are nutrient rich pounds (from healthy food) but they are still extraneous. I wear it so well because I have a well-muscled body so it never bothered me, but it is extra weight and I don’t need it. To do so, I have to pay even more attention to using what I consume and eating when truly hungry. Eating will be become even less of a past time than it has in the past.

Speaking with another vacationer out here, I said it this way… I’m eating, but metaphorically speaking, I’m eating the food that’s already in the fridge (my body) not putting more in the fridge. So I’m eating the perfect amount of calories, just not eating more than my body actually needs, and they are the ones stored up on my body already.

A fast just speeds up the natural weight loss process. You don’t have to fast, you can just eat nutrient rich foods and eat when you are hungry. In my case I’m here to regenerate fully without the added demands of digestion, to re calibrate my body and love of food, and re set my eating habits, all while dropping the weight of the past in a fast and healthy way.

Like you, I enjoy eating but sometimes end up eating when I don’t need to, even if it is nutrient rich. I just went through a highly stressful period prior to coming here and I over ate a little bit every day, sometimes more than that, and gained weight. So it’s not something to get upset with, it’s just something to do something about. That’s weight (energy) management, and that’s why I’m here. Sometimes we just have to re boot.

My vitality is higher than it’s been in weeks, with the rejuvenation I’m getting, but my muscles are moving slowly today, since I don’t have the added food energy to quickly consume. My body is digesting store reserves and that’s a different energy system. So my muscles are not full of the usual glycogen.

This is the most conscious and aware I’ve ever been in this fasting process, and because I ate so nutrient rich through the year, it’s more enjoyable than I ever remember it being before. I am holding conversations, doing some work in the morning, walking, talking and maintaining what would seem like a pretty regular life.

I am drinking water every couple of hours too.

My body has already shed 8 lbs in 3 days, and more so, it’s re calibrating. I know that eating habits will reset to a higher order when I return. I am looking forward to eating again, just love food and I am surrounded by the most amazing food all day out here at the True North Health Center. Not everyone is fasting.

Also watching Ramses Bravo, who is our head chef and creator of the Simple Quick & Easy recipes as he prepares food. I am learning allot.

In the meantime, I’ve been having many spirit and energy centered conversations with the people around me. Something happens when you are not so focused on the ethereal. and get back to the basics of life.

Day 6

Wow, today was a rough (slow) day, moving my body feels like mobilizing a tank powered by double AA batteries. It reinforces the point that you need both vital energy and food energy to power this body system. I’m running on a backup energy system which is far less efficient than when fueling the body. I’m going to be short here since the state I’m in requires a body at rest.

I did some essential work this morning, since the world just keeps going, especially these days, and I could feel how I taxed this back up energy system I’m running on.

I remember years ago when I was a bodybuilder. In the last week before a show, in order to drop weight and prepare for a quick infusion of carbohydrate on contest day that would bloat and enlarge the muscles for showtime (like a sponge hydrated with water); in that week, the drop in carbs (fuel) would make you feel incredibly weak. I know the feeling, we would stop training much of the last week in a deep state of ketosis.

I’m in that state right now, drinking water only, only my body in healthy since I’m not overwhelming the body with animal protein and other toxins. My body has been detoxifying and utilizing stored reserves, and I’ve lost almost 15 pounds in the process.

It’s amazing, due to the consciousness during this time, to watch your body do what’s natural and literally “witness” your body transforming. Today the healing and repair going on was intense.

Lots of meditation going on. I have been at ground of being so much this week, I don’t feel like John anymore, as I haven’t thought about the story of my life at all. Just being.

You may be asking why I’m doing this?

Water-only Fasting…(medically supervised)

a) it completely re calibrates your eating habits
b) baselines you vital statistics
c) checks all nutrient deficiencies and excesses, as the fasting process enables better accuracy of your numbers
d) super rejuvenating (deep); the other half of the regeneration equation comprised of sleep, rest, recovery and relaxation for a significant period of time to pay back accumulated energy debt, which most us can be lax in… gets addressed during this time
d) any excess weight gets dropped, fast, through deep detoxification. Using the refrigerator metaphor, I’m consuming the food that’s already in the fridge rather than adding more to it. Fortunately for me, it was excess nutrient rich food, and there wasn’t a great deal of store toxins which makes detoxification very uncomfortable.
e) appreciation and desire for food goes through the roof. Let’s just say, I’m not ravenously hungry but “I could eat!”. This get’s you very in tune with true hunger and it IS a throat and mouth sensation.
f) its strengthening the system (hormesis) low grade biological stress, very much like over overcompensation in training to adapt, that helps strengthen the organism, both biologically and psychologically for that matter.
g) lots of meditation to reinforce who we really are which isn’t our psychology anyway
e) of course a change of scenery and pace

Talk tomorrow.

Day 7

Fasting amazes me. People think it will kill them, but all it does is make you better within boundaries. Big bounce in energy today, but still moving slow. I know enough about energy regeneration to know that you only experience energy when you are spending it and today I had a business meeting that was critical so I was stimulated. Doesn’t mean squat. I’m here to rejuvenate so back to deep recuperation.

Most people here are here for the same reason. Rejuvenation.I did a presentation on Energy Regeneration today for two hours and people were really blown away about how much there is to know about “getting your energy back.”

I drank 6 glasses of water today as I have every day. I’m down about 15 lbs, haven’t loss much muscle mass and what I did in transition to the fasting state will come back rapidly when I start eating again .Looking forward to that… two more days!

I’m not thinking much these days, just evolving and going with the flow. It’s nice, and all by design.

Tomorrow, even if I have a meeting at 9:00AM, 4:00PM I will rest all day.

Day 8

Realized a whole new regeneration strategy today…see in bold below.

  1. Meditation, true not relationship with the content of consciousness.
  2. Non thinking, music or sound awakened regeneration where you turn your energy inside, stop processing information all together (so no books on tape) and lie or sit for several hours. I’m going to do that all day tomorrow, the last day of my fast. 
  3. Sleep – unconscious even through there are dreams.

True hunger is strong today, one more day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to completing. Can’t tell where my energy levels are at the moment. My vitals are high I suspect but body is slow due to no “added” food for 7 days, plus a day of juices only for a combined 8 days fast from meals.

Again, I “ate” the whole time ironically. nearly 20 lbs of foods. But John Allen you said you didn’t eat?.. I did. I didn’t take in new food through and ate what was already stored on my body.

Tomorrow I’m going inward for a full days of deep rejuvenation. That means all energy is focused inward not on external demands or pursuits.

Day 9

Tough night sleeping last night, first time since I got here. But only because I think I worked a little two hard past two days, during a time when I shouldn’t have been working even a little bit… “life”, And, I am near the finish line so there is some tension around that. You now finish line type stuff.

I let it all go, then fell asleep.

No mind. Ground of being now… not thinking much at all. I’m basically in meditative state, kind of like your computer when you are not running the programs .Feels great.

Only real energy output is typing this!

Bye for now.

Day 10

Yeah! it’s my day to start re-feeding. I am going to start with an amazing watermelon juice. I feel the best today, even right now when I’m technically still fasting. I have eaten yet.

Part of me wants to keep it going, I feel so good today. Not sure if it’s because I’m going to break fast today or for a whole slew of other reasons like the stage of the fast I’m in. I slept really well last night and have so much energy today. If I was to bet it’s a multitude of factors including a bright outlook, I was active yesterday, eating today, great night sleep, a balanced schedule this week (I did work and was VERY productive, which means I am going to bring many of my practices here back home); also, I had some great contemplation time here to ground myself and thinking through all sorts of issues. I understand my situation better than ever too.

I coached a fellow patient here at the Center, and really exercised my brain. He was so ready so it was gratifying.

I really mean it, I’m at a stage of this fast where I’m so fully in the prolonged fasting state, I feel like staying here. I almost don’t want to eat. Of course, seeing the transformation I’ve been through over the past 10 days is fantastic and very motivating. I can’t believe there isn’t a 3 year waiting list for this place. (but not for long).

Fasting is the worlds oldest therapy.It is THE original therapy, because for a change we stop interfering with the body which is self healing, self repairing, and self directing. Emergency medical care aside, you don’t need medicine to be healthy in any way. Today they call it “lifestyle medicine” but at the end of the day, after all the testing, it comes right down to what we are talking about here at Nutrient Rich and developing a healthy, Performance Lifestyle.

I am about to drink my first drink.

I was full on half a glass of Watermelon Juice! I’m not surprised as I haven’t eaten food from the outside, in 7 days, but it is an amazing feeling nonetheless. This is what happens when you are “re-calibrated” upward. I am going to have a green drink for lunch, one in the mid afternoon and one for dinner and I will quite full with that.

8 days ago when I juiced for an entire day, It felt like I was dieting since it was such a lower volume of food and calories than I was used to. Now it’s feast! Re-Calibration, Re-Calibration, Re-Calibration!

So, off to get some sun, read a book and take a nap.

I feel 10 years younger. It’s the ultimate reboot!

Here is the ultimate ‘break fast!”

Fasting and Eating for Health

Day 11

Day eleven was a turning point. I came to California for to rejuvenate an re-calibrate my already healthy eating habits. yesterday was my day to break my 7 day fast, but when I did, I did not feel like I wanted to eat. My doctors told me I wasn’t done and that I was basically breaking my fast early.

At first I said, well I’ve done the best I can given my schedule. But was that just a story or the truth? It was a story! What’s the point of coming out here if I don’t accomplish my mission?

So, I have extended my trip 1.5 weeks with another week of fasting. Not yet in the mood to eat.

I’m still pretty productive out here. Actually did a 2 hour talk on Performance Lifestyle (how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully in a fully engaged world) yesterday. I was more tired than usual after, but I still did it. I feel great.

So, I have been fasting still, since the picture of the drink above and will continue until next Thursday or Friday after which I will start re feeding and enjoying the food here from a whole new place.

Then I will come home. 🙂

Day 12: 

Should be on a plane right now, but I’m not, see above,

Amazing how this week, “so far” not the slightest bit hungry in week two, and when faced with eating again (new food from the outside) I didn’t want to…. Lightness of Being was more important.

I am more conscious this go around than ever before fasting; my appreciation for what’s happening is the highest it’s ever been, and because I’ve been superfood eating for some time now, I have not had a single headache and I haven’t eaten food for 10 days, with the exception of 3 juices when I was originally supposed to break the fast; before plans changed. Most people consider juicing a fast anyway.

That means my body is nutrified, detoxified, and stable in align with at least 3 of the golden rules of healthy eating. I tend to gain weight a little if my energy get’s low, and slow down my activity levels, and don’t optimize the way I eat. When this happens I eat outside the bounds of true hunger. Golden Rules 4 & 5.

I can confirm that if a person nutrifies, detoxifies, stabilizes and strengthens their body with the support of others their health will always support them.

It’s truly amazing.

Back to Rest.

Day 13

Rough nice, probably a little too much sun and a deeper phase of detox. Oh the power of understanding your present situation, and not getting caught up in unsupportive emotional stories. Last night I really questions why I was taking this as far as I am/have. But I must say “let it go” are 3 magical words.

Bottom line, meet the objective.

I’m ready to eat in two more days and it’s going to be great… that will give me a week of refeading before I head back to Jersey. I’ve been carrying on with my work to a certain degree. Work doesn’t stop. Ideally yes, in reality no. So I take all the “you should not be doing anything while fasting comments” from people who aren’t running businesses, with grace and the cordial nature they were delivered and return the same.

I live a healthy performance lifestyle, not a healthy lifestyle alone.

Feeling really good today.

Day 14

Started juicing today… one watermelon Juice was plenty… my body is still in it’s fasting mode and now eating for health is the key. My body shed 22 lbs in this process, and I plan on tightening up a little more beyond that and that means I will be eating lots of greens with great dressings, fruits, and smaller amounts one time per days of beans, nuts and seeds and grains (if I eat grains at all).

Desserts will be fruit desserts.

Essentially The Most Basic Way to Eat Nutrient Rich, will again be my eating style… a basic routine that is very satisfying and tasty, but can be very easy to get away from in our modern world, even if you are still eating nutrient rich. Before I left, I got a way from it for a bit and was eating healthy food, but not eating when I was truly hungry.

So this next week is going to set the new pattern for that.

This week, I’m going have some fun and go into San Francisco and take a hike in the Redwoods.

I’ll be juicing for the next couple days and then get on steamed greens and non starchy raw vegetables. Looking forward to that. Coming from a fast that it is like a 5 star gourmet platter right now. Truth is, even when I’m not breaking a fast, I love it!























Day 15

Yes, first day of solid food!

It felt amazing… but not as amazing as it did in past years. And the reason is simple. In past years I wasn’t eating a nutrient rich as I am have in recent years or in as balanced a way among all the key nutrient rich foods; in particular, having leafy greens, and green vegetables and colored vegetables at the base of the diet. I historically would eat lots of fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, dried fruit and grains and as a result had a “healthy weight” problem as I over ate at times of significant stress. We are all commonly prey to over eating.

Fasting this go around, was preceded by a well balanced nutrient rich diet, and now refeading is not that amazing to me, as my body has been eating “nutrient rich” stores all along. As I’ve mentioned, I had only one headache and it was on a day I suspected I got too much sun and not enough water.

Here I am faced with an unlimited buffet of the best foods in the world and I’m not the slightest bit driven to gorge myself or over eat. I’m simply not hungry after drinking water only (with the exception of a juice, when I thought I was going to originally break my fast) for 12 days. That’s the power of a fully nourished, and detoxified body. It’s stable even when you are not eating for significant periods of time, whereas many people have a need to go to the doctor after a mere 3-5 hours without eating.

Had a juice this morning… doing some work then going out for a sunbath. Eating for health is the only way to go.

Day 16.

Feeling Good Out for a Hike In the Mountains of Santa RosaSpend the day at the Redwoods today in Gueneville, CA. It was one of the single most spiritually satisfying days I’ve ever had. I am walking around and did some training and exercise up on the vista of the mountain… and still no major need for food. See picture on top of the page.

Just having a juice for lunch because as someone who has been eating ‘nutrient rich” for as long as I have… I have to pay attention to eating when I’m really hungry, not because it’s lunch time. The other thing I have to remember is that eating is a running experience. While juicing is not always the way to eat a complete meal, right now it’s fine, as my tank is already filled with the wide array of plant foods. So I’m basically just topping off the tank still, from last nights meal.

It appears my body is still in the mode it’s been in for the better part of the past two weeks, fasting, and because I’m eating for health, as expected I am not hungry at all. As a matter of fact, I even over ate today! All I need is juice right now, a little solid food, but when I ate a few extra pieces of fruit and more salad than I needed, I could feel by stomach distend a bit to far and I knew I was taking in food I didn’t need, at least at that time. 

Here are some pictures in the redwoods.

Day 17

After two days of juicing and light eating I realize how amazing I feel eating less “nutrient rich” food of course. I have so much more energy when not digesting and able to focus on what’s important, and that is not living to eat but rather, eating to live.

I am thoroughly enjoying staying focused on evolving rather than being mired down in eating due to stress, or low energy. It’s so amazing how much false in formation there is out there about eating to stimulate your metabolism and burn fat. It’s not wonder so few people actually get to experience the real deal.

I can’t wait until I start to do Performance Lifestyle weekends again, to help people align themselves with the fundamentals of successful living, and fully engage in evolutionary living.

Our time in life does not need to be spent focused on food, we eat to achieve our goals and realize our visions in life, so learning to eat a high nutrient density, nutritarian or nutrient rich healthy eating style is essential!.

When you understand how it will make all the difference in the world and I am experiencing that difference right now.

Last 4 Days…

In the Redwood Forest and Canoeing Down the Russian River!


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