Monday, June 23 Dr. Fuhrman with Mehmet Oz

Listen to Dr. Fuhrman’s interview with Dr. Oz on XM radio (channel 156) or XM radio online Monday, June 23rd.

Dr. Fuhrman discusses his latest 2 book-set, Eat For Health along with these news-worthy topics:

Healthy Fat Foods vs. Unhealthy Fat Foods

  • Nature offers us the best way to get our dose of healthy fats

Turn Your Body Into a Fuel-Burning Machine

  • Increase your metabolic rate healthfully

What Happens to Your Body When You Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Strive for Nutritional Excellence for a thinner, healthier, younger looking you!

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1 thought on “Monday, June 23 Dr. Fuhrman with Mehmet Oz”

  1. Hello, Do you know how or if we can download the interview with Dr Oz and Dr Fuhrman, if we missed it when it was actually being taped? Is there a show archive to listen to it later? Thanks

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