Go from High Cholesterol to Low Cholesterol – Part I

My name is John Allen Mollenhauer; I’m the founder of nutrientrich.com

This is part I of a series on Cholesterol.

I recently discovered I have one of the lowest non-genetic cholesterol levels in the world.  My HDL (42.4) is actually higher than my LDL (35.1) and my total cholesterol score is under 100!

I feel really good about this because risk for heart disease disappears with a total cholesterol score under 150 mg/dl. I have a higher HDL and an LDL under 100, and I want you to have the same protection. 

I didn’t always have a perfect cholesterol level and nor did I aim for it, (most people with great scores don’t aim for it, unless they have to) but a while back, I apparently found THE most effective method for achieving a perfect cholesterol level “without drugs” and I want to share it with you.

What I encourage you to do, after you read this post, is to get the Cholesterol Protection for Life
Book – you’ll learn how to reduce cholesterol, and enjoy eating not just a low cholesterol diet, but a “no cholesterol diet!” without having to worry if you ever eat a food that has cholesterol in it.

In my opinion, supplements don’t hold a candle to the power of a Nutrient Rich diet you enjoy.

I never took any supplements to achieve my cholesterol level and nor do I recommend supplements as a mainstay staple in ones life, other than a healthy multi vitamin for good reasons, like getting enough vitamin B12 if you are vegetarian and Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) if you don’t get enough sun, and for unique cases of deficiency as determined by your doctor.

There are times that supplements do make sense; like in periods of transition from nutrient poor to rich, and in crisis situations such as ultra high cholesterol levels… – see my recent post "Why Would You Want to Take Supplements with a Nutrient Rich Diet?".

In this case of high cholesterol I am making the exception because after consulting Dr Fuhrman, there are those who also have significantly elevated cholesterol levels from past eating habits; genetically high cholesterol levels, and those who don’t respond fast enough to dietary improvement; all of which make the case for supplementation.

Considering the toxic side effects of many supplements on the market and of course, “statin drugs”, Dr Fuhrman’s Health Heart Subscription is a worthy alternative.

Very few people know that the standard modern diet, a “high cholesterol” diet, including many foods we think are healthy, promote ultra high cholesterol levels and the very real epidemic of heart disease and stroke that is responsible for 50% of deaths in America each year.

You heard me right, “50%”. That means “over” 1,000,000+ people will die unnecessarily, in the USA alone, from ‘vascular disease, because what they’re eating is clogging their arteries and stopping the blood flow to their hearts and brains! 

Does this seem normal to you? Is this what you want? Of course not!

What you’ll learn in the rest of this post will ensure you never have to worry about high cholesterol and heart disease again – literally.

I was in your shoes at one point too, perhaps unaware of the relationship between the standard modern diet, a high cholesterol diet, or one that promotes elevated cholesterol levels even if it doesn’t come from your food, and disease. I used to eat the same common foods everyone else did and lots of them.

Little did I know my everyday eating practices, like eating deceivingly “low fat” junk foods or “low carb” ketogenic Atkins-like diets, were setting me up for all the common diseases everyone else got. Sure I might have been able to lose weight from time to time, but I was also compromising my health,
subjecting myself to unnecessary dieting rituals and swings in my weight. My cholesterol was also much higher.

Fortunately, I met Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and I want to introduce him to you, if you aren’t aware of him already. He is the medical nutritional advisor here at nutrientrich.com

DrFuhrman is one of the most respected and successful physicians in the world. He gets people healthy, for real! He helps people get well, not only by losing weight and reducing risk, but getting rid of disease conditions all together. nutrientrich.com was and is inspired by his teachings.

One of the first things I learned from Dr Fuhrman was that being overweight was not just a cosmetic issue. That, being overweight or obese is a symptom of disease, chronic diseases like heart disease that are building inside.

Dr Fuhrman’s influence helped me discover what I didn’t know about the food I was eating, and how to live without causing common lifestyle induced diseases (overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseasee, diabetes, arthritis, even cancer) to begin with… and better yet, what he actually showed me was how to maximize my health.

How does he do this?

…by helping you dramatically improve the “quality” of your food, first and foremost, and with “minimal” use of nutritional supplements not drugs and surgery that can cause devastating side effects – an exchange of one problem, for another.

Given we eat 3-5 times per day, 7 days per week and each of our 21-35 meals per week is either promoting our health or not, the majority of what we eat had better be taking care of us, it had better be enjoyable and it better be sending us in the right direction!  Otherwise, you join the 50% dying from heart disease and stroke here in North America and westernized societies.

See Part II in my next post. A little education goes a long way

2 thoughts on “Go from High Cholesterol to Low Cholesterol – Part I”

  1. Take a look at part IV on cholesterol. I’ve put some more information in there… thanks for bringing that to my attention. Sometimes, the promoter comes out in me, and don’t go as in depth as people would like.

    Talk again soon,

    John Allen

  2. This is all fine and good: but I was expecting to get a few tips and tricks: not just a ad to buy a book.

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