Raw Foods, Living foods Demo at Tierra Sana – Queens NY, Thursday Night, July 24th 2008

I found an amazing place to eat… one of the finest I have ever eaten at, and that’s saying alot given my foods standards which are really high. It’s a place called Tiera Sana in Forest Hills NY.

100-17 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY, 11375
(718) 830-0544

I was there last night for dinner. We started with a salad so good no words can describe, followed by an organic non alchohlic Pina Colada with all Nutrient Rich whole foods and a mystery smoothie my dinner date reccomended. It was chocolaty and amazing.
We then had seasons fresh vegetables, a quinoa dish, a stew and more. It was so fulfilling.

I was introduced to Tierra Sana, by my dear friend Karen Hoyos who made the experience down right extra special. When there, she introduced me to Alfonso Montiel, a Ceritified Coach in Raw Living Food Nutrition and Physical Fitness, who is very knowledgeable about food. He made a major transformation himself and this I can assure has added to his knowledge and passion.

I have seen this guy in action and his level of health and it is tops. Heck of a nice guy too…

You will learn a great deal from Alphonso if you are in the NY area.

Here are a few words from the workshop leader himself.

"I feel that raw living foods is having a tremendous impact in my life in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. I have found that the life force in foods in their natural raw state surpasses all diets, since by not cooking them you are preserving the precious living water content as well the bio photon activity from the colloidal organisms that are present in all green vegetables, fruits, nuts, sea vegetation, seeds as well of the vast array of nutrients that are in all this foods as well in many super foods. By not exposing them to fire, this creates a perfect symbiosis state in your system that leads to be in perfect homeostasis and equilibrium with nature and your natural state of being… I’m always in search of new ideas and more knowledge to help people create a good balance in their bodies with the help of nutrition, which eventually becomes a metamorphosis of a process that impacts their mind, spirit, their emotions as well their physical bodies at the deepest level."

Call ahead to confirm the time.

Alfonso Montiel
Certified Coach in Raw Living Food Nutrition and Physical Fitness
100-17 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY, 11375
(718) 830-0544

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