Keep It Simple – TIP #1 – Beets


Yummy. Nutrient Rich. Simple to make.

Take a piece of tinfoil and wrap up a beet.

Slow bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour until you can easily stick a fork in. Let cool and skin will peel right off easily . Then you can cut it up and throw it on top of your salad.

You can also get fancier and add some pepper, thyme (or seasoning of your choice),  squeeze fresh lemon and a splash of vegetable stock. Form a tent out of the tin foil and slow roast for about an hour until beets are tender.  Once cooked, let cool and peel off the skin and slice into 2 inch squares. Add to salads or just eat plain.

Beets are part of a nutrient rich diet. You can steam,  bake,  shred. Check out other recipes in our data base. (They are even part of your healthy chocolate cake recipe)

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