Make the Switch to a New Healthy You – Jump to the New Bowl

Are you in the left bowl or the right bowl?

On the left, you have the masses of fish (I know there were only 3, now 2), but you get the idea– there are more than the smaller bowel of just 1, but soon to be more fish who are making the Switch to Rich, Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating.

I like this picture because it illustrates what really, and ultimately has to happen. You literally have to take a leap, out of the big bowl of nutrient-poor unhealthy eaters, that most people live in, into the presently smaller bowl of healthy eaters, which is bound to get bigger.

It’s a Switch, to a whole, new way of eating, where you are no longer eating 90% or more, nutrient-poor (animal foods and refined foods) with only 10% or less nutrient-rich (plant) foods like so many people eat today, to doing the direct opposite, eating your way up to 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich.

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