Naturally Processed Whole Foods Are Not The Same as Refined Foods – They Are Polar Opposites

Today, I am going to share one of the most convenient ways to ensure that you are always able to eat nutrient rich (healthy), at least 90% or More of the time, with incredible ease…

Why? Because that’s what it takes to achieve the 7 healthy success results every body wants.

  • A Detoxified Body
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Dramatically Improved Health
  • Reversal of Lifestyle-Induced Diseases (diabetes, Itis’s, etc)
  • Slower aging
  • A Younger Look
  • A Longer Life!

Many of us never seem to “get” that living healthy, at or near your ideal weight (all the time) requires that you pay attention to the nutritional quality of the foods you eat, at least 90% of the time, or more.

It’s not a function of simply getting enough “Vitamins & Minerals” on top of the SAD Standard American Diet. Besides the fact that we need thousands of phytonutrients beyond that of vitamins and minerals alone, we need to eat way More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich whole foods than we are eating of nutrient-poor foods, if we want health at a high enough level that it shows.

But many of us simply don’t do this, and default to the nutrient-poor foods that are all around us, due to limited time and energy among, other reasons. For example, there are reasons why people default to dessert for breakfast; here are 3 reasons:

  1. Economics and distribution: it’s easy to make, bake, ship and store cake.
  2. Most of us are addicted to highly-stimulating food stuffs, so why not wake up and have some cake?
  3. Surely, everyone will be happy and no one will complain when you give them cake. 

Bagels, donuts, muffins, pastries, pancakes, and the like are really nothing more than “cake,” a realization that I came to when listening to a Dr. Fuhrman Lecture.

Recently I ran a Facebook Survey. With the help of my friends in the fitness industry, and found that when it comes to eating–people rank convenience and great taste 1st and a close 2nd, with a lean toward convenience as the #1 driver for why they eat the way they do. Guess what? Nutritional value comes in 3rd!

And, while you might think that I would be ranting and raving about that–believe it or not, it is totally understandable. The bottom line is that people naturally focus on their most immediate needs; they want immediate fulfillment and they want it to taste good. Convenience is mandatory today. And, most of us seek pleasure from eating.

The big question is: How do you meet your desire for #1 convenience and #2 great taste, and maximize #3 the nutritional value (nutrient density) of the foods you eat?

The answer is: Eating “naturally” processed and packaged foods. What?!!!, Yes you heard me. Naturally processed and packaged foods!

It’s not the same types as cake.

You see, not all processed foods are bad, some are actually better and more effective than the original whole food because of the way they are processed and their appeal to the eater. When people say “processed foods are bad,” what they really mean to say is that poorly processed foods that are “refined” are bad. This is because the processing either destroys the nutrients, or they are refined right out of the original food. Otherwise, processed food, is not bad.

Heck, a smoothie is a processed food– the food processing just doesn’t destroy the nutrients, rather, it makes the consumption more convenient, while making the original foods taste even better. The Sweet Green Smoothie, a mainstay for people who eat nutrient rich, is a perfect example. The bananas and other nutrient-rich, now processed ingredients mix with the greens to make a sweet green taste that everyone loves. It’s perfectly processed, but not refined! Not bad, huh?

This brings up the central message of this post… You can eat processed and packaged foods when making the Switch to Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating, and after, when you do so via a new class of nutritional products that is emerging–live, raw, organic, whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich, super foods, as part of a nutrient-rich healthy eating style, you can call your own.

There many reason why there are so many descriptors in the new class of whole food nutrition products. It is because you want to maintain the food, which is now processed and packaged, in as close to it’s natural state as possible, only now in a more easy- to-consume package, with other benefits from the processing and packaging itself! 

Enter the Super Simple, Quick & Easy Meal. These products are wholesome goodness in a jar when you don’t have enough time for…
– Juicing, 

– Blending, 

– Preparing,

– Cooking, or

– Cleaning up…

…even if these functions are made simple.

Here at, we inspire, educate and support people in creating a Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Style they can call their own. We teach people how to shop, organize, prepare, and eat out in a nutrient-rich way, how to make simple, quick and easy meals, and how to lose weight in a nutrient- rich way. But, what do you do when you can’t sit down for a nutrient-rich meal, or even make that meal in a simple, quick and easy way?

You just mix, shake (with your blender bottle), pour and drink or eat. Nutrient Rich “light meal replacement” drinks are essential for those times when you literally have no time–which, for some people is most of the time.

The moral of the story is that it’s important that we have ways of eating, which are “THAT” super simple and convenient, that taste really good and are nutrient rich. It’s all part of living resiliently, and that’s why we are promoting Rezealiant Living products.

There are also products like Dr. Fuhrman’s gourmet Vinegars, which are naturally processed and packaged foods, but will take your salads to a whole new level. They are processed, but not refined!

Dr. Fuhrman’s soups and seasoning mixes, VegiZest and MatoZest are also good examples of whole foods that are prepared for super simple, quick & easy consumption. Along with Pixie Vites for the kids. They are naturally processed, and packaged, but not refined.

“Light” nutrient-rich meal replacements, or drinks (green or other) like Nutrient Rich® Rezealiant Living products, are also naturally processed and packaged, but not refined, and people are finally beginning to default to them for this reason. They are whole foods and available in a fast way.  

These products are made from the combination of whole food powders and whole foods that are juiced, and then powered, for even faster nutrient uptake, at the point of consumption. This method of “whole food nutrition” creates fast satisfaction and enables you to stay focused on your goals, during times when you can’t sit down for a nutrient-rich food, or meal.

Take Living Feast, for example: It is a very low-calorie, very nutrient-dense drink that delivers a powerful array of…

– Phytochemicals – Vitamins – Minerals – Water (when you mix it with H20 or Coconut water) – Amino acids – Essential fatty acids – Simple Sugars – naturally occurring enzymes – Probiotics, and – Fiber.

None of these nutrients are optional for a healthy body. You need all of them, every day, to function. And, if you are going to meet all your nutrient needs and not be driven to eat or overeat nutrient-poor foods that promote poor nutrition, you’ve got to be able to eat nutrient rich, in super simple, quick & easy ways, no matter what the situation

Living Feast is loaded with super fruits and berries, super veggies and greens, and super seeds (like chia, flax, and pumpkin), plus, it provides added digestive support from its healthy probiotics– even though all of these products are already incredibly easy to digest. And, because we are talking about very small particles of food, due to the whole food powders, and even smaller-particle live juice powders, nutrient absorption is maximized. It’s fast and naturally sweetened through whole food extracts.

Now what’s better? What I just explained regarding Living Feast when it comes to helping you live at the peak of health, or a default-donut that makes you fat and sick?

Start defaulting to a Living Feast each day, not that snack or cake, and you will get a FREE copy of the Nutrient Rich Quick Start Guide, with your order, to help you take your eating to the next level.

Learn more about Living Feast.

You can learn more about The Rezealiant Living Products Including Living Feast, Here.

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