You Don’t Have to be a Raw Foodist to Eat Raw or a Vegan to Eat Vegan Foods

Recently, on Facebook, I learned about a new very cool cafe from my dear friends Stephanie and Lizbeth Cardozo. It’s in Orlando Florida, and if you are in the area or travel there, go there. It’s called the Wheat Berry Cafe. It’s places like this that are putting the healthy eating revolution in high gear. It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you eat, eating more plant based nutrient rich foods is the way to go. Who could ever debate whether it would be better to eat more organic foods, that are richer in nutrients and don’t contain what you don’t need from food? No one that’s who. Stephanie and Lizbeth have been learning so much about food, and are trying all kinds of new foods as they eat more plant based nutrient rich. They are an example for the millions of people who are and will be making “the Switch” as we like to call it, to a More Plant Based Nutrient Rich, healthy eating style. The benefits are incredible! Think about, the more you give your body what you need, minimize or eliminate what you don’t need and eat foods in as close to their natural state as possible, the more you will be able to look like this! Need I say anything more? But there is more. When you eat the foods you will find at establishments like the Wheat Berry Cafe, you will detoxify your body because you are eating foods that not only clean your body, but don’t contain addictive and toxic substances that further toxify your body and make it hard to eat healthy. There is a nutrient rich version of almost any addictive nutrient poor food you are eating right now. Nutrient Rich foods will then naturally detoxify your body while satisfying you and cause you to eat less food. The better you eat, the less you eat! When you eat less food, your body will use what you already consumed for energy and you will lose weight, naturally. Of course when that happens, you will dramatically improve your health and begin reversing any lifestyle-induced diseases, like obesity, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, even cancers. Now imagine, when all of that is happening, what do you think will happen next? Will you age faster or slower? Slower! Look older or younger? Younger! Live longer or shorter? Longer! What woman or man doesn’t want that? That’s why we call these The 7 Healthy Success Results Every Body Wants. Lizbeth and Stephanie are well on their way to achieving all 7!. So, when you go to Orlando, stop into the Wheat Berry Cafe. If you are not in Orlando, start frequenting, raw, vegan, organic, and other whole food establishments when you are traveling and when you aren’t. You don’t have to be a raw foodist or vegan, for some that’s not even a good idea, while for others, it is. It doesn’t matter! Go anyway, because that’s where all the nutrient rich foods, are. That’s what nutrient rich healthy eaters do!

Are you ready to break free of the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor and make the Switch to Rich, so you too can Achieve the 7 Healthy Success Results Every Body Wants? Learn more.

At Wheat Berry Bread Café & Juice Bar – We love people. We love food. We love a beautiful presentation.


At Wheat Berry Bread Café & Juice Bar – We love people. We love food. We love a beautiful presentation. Our mission is to provide our customers with a diverse menu, both raw and traditional, artfully prepared, made from scratch with only the finest fresh organic ingredients. We are excited at Wheat Berry to connect with our customers on their journey towards healthy living. Wheat Berry Bread Café and Juice Bar – healthy decadence! Where.

  • 1150 Douglas Avenue Ste. 1010
  • Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
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