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Recipes should follow the following submission Guideline. Be * vegetable, * fruit, bean/legume, raw nut, seed or whole grain based with no more than 10% of the ingredients containing animal products, if they include animal products at all.

We focus on the most Nutrient Rich Recipes here at Nutrient only. It doesn’t matter if its just a simple quick & easy meal on the go or a gourmet meal – name it, describe it, provide the instructions and post it.

Just give your recipe…

A Title:
A descriptive name for the recipe

List Ingredients:
Enter each ingredient on its own line in the form: quantity – units – ingredient name For example: 3 cups chopped spinach

Provide Preparation Instructions:
This should be a simple description of the steps, in the proper order, for making the recipe

Post Comments:
May include such things as how many servings, nutritional information, saving, reusing, etc.

List Source:
If the recipe is not of your creation…where did it come from?

Provide Your Name and email: Even a link to your website.
This is primarily so we can contact you if we have questions; this information will not be saved. We cannot give specific credit to individuals who submit recipes at this time.

Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to edit recipes or, in some cases to refuse to publish them. We retain the rights to recipes published on our site.

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