One thing you always want to do…

Is learn about places that serve foods that meet your standards and preferences.

This is something we naturally do, no matter how we eat, but when it comes to Nutrient Rich (given nutrient poor food is still more common)you want to take special notice.

I was out with Jon Hinds, master trainer at, the other day and we discovered this amazing resturant in Red Bank NJ, called Down to Earth.

I venture to say, you may not be able to find a more amazing nutrient rich dining experience anywhere in the world, than right here.

It was that good! I wanted to order the entire menu!

Take a look and get an idea of what a world class Nutrient Rich restuarant menu looks like.

It was so good, boderline exciting, to see that many incredible dishes that were all nutrient rich that we ordered 3 desserts! Of course the desserts where so good for you and so tasty you could eat em’ for breakfast.

And that’s a good thing, becuase when you eat nutrient dense food, you get fullfilled fast, before you get full. And had were satisfied fast.

And what a great breakfast it was!

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