Preventing Alzheimers with Food

AlzheimersCompound_010313-617x416Alzheimer’s researchers are now saying that the same risk factors for heart disease and stroke also increase the risk for various forms of dementia.

That is, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess weight, and lack of exercise.

The China Study went into this in some detail, but yesterday the news hit the New York Times.

How does this work?

Quoting the Times’ article, “If the brain lacks a healthy flow of blood through vessels relatively free of atherosclerotic plaques, it is less able to fight off the damage associated with dementia.”

The best way to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, reach your ideal weight is to eat Nutrient Rich. And once your body is fueled with 80-90% Nutrient Rich food, it’s a heck of a lot easier to exercise!

Many years ago, I heard Andrew Weil talking about the research bias in Western medicine against “cure-alls.” The more generally useful a substance is, the less we value it. The more limited use, and the more unintended side effects, the more the market will pay.

The true “magic bullet” is our lifestyle – especially the food we choose to turn into our bodies and our energy.

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