Energy Density – Don’t forget about the quality of the calorie

Part the nutritional rave these days is the energy density of the foods we eat. Instead of focusing on the nutrient density, some valueable, yet less than profound books like Volumetrics is focusing on the energy density of a food.

The only problem is when you shift your focus from nutrient density which is inversely proportionate to energy density and and away from seeing the two densities as part of a whole view, you end up focusing on energy density and never really considering the value of the food you’re eating from a nutrient perspective.

For example, comparing the energy density of a pasta salad loaded with pasta and some vegetables, and a vegetable stir fry with some pasta. On an energy density basis the comparison will reveal that you can eat way more of the vegetable stir fry, becuase the energy density (measured in calories) is less.

But what we’re not focusing on in this example, is that the nutrient density of the vegetable stir fry is also stratospherically better than the pasta salad and the useablity and the health effect will be better too… much better.

Think about comparing quantities of twinkies and apples. If you focus on calories alone you are missing the boat. Eating better quality is what matters first and foremost.

Focus on Nutrient Rich food, and caloric values will take care of themselves. (but good to know the concept of energy density.

We’ll educate you thoroughly in The Nutrient Rich Revolution.

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