The worst thing that ever happened to getting healthier…

The diet industry, telling us we should be going on diets and giving those diets names.

NutrientRich is NOT a diet, it’s a standard!

Let’s get clear, we all have a diet, it’s a question of what quality. Whether you’re dieting, – that act of eating manipulated food, controlling portion sizes in the face of hunger, eating nutrient poor food and making up the difference with supplements and shakes, etc – you’re eating.

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Now that we have established that, the question is what quality is the food you’re eating?

If you are eating nutrient poor, you’ll have problems.

If you are eating nutrient rich, you’ll have success.

If you want to lose weight, then you eat nutrient rich foods that don’t have so much energy built in (calories), so that you don’t end up storing more than you use.

You’ll learn all about energy balance in The Nutrient Rich Revolution.

Eat Nutrient Rich as part of a successful lifestyle and you are free as a bird, knowledgeable about what to do and when… when circumstances change.

That what we help you do at and

That we’ve made dietary improvement as matter of “going on” a diet, screws us all up, and it creates diet speak!

Diet Speak will keep you stuck!

Everything from compliance, to sticking with it, to falling off the wagon; the way we speak is now oriented around trying to live on the program will all the rules that come with it…

We’re now dieting for life because of the way the industry operates.

Framing improvement as ‘going on a program,’ took us completely out of the lifestyle mindset, where you simply understand the principle, the practice and come up with a lifestyle strategy that works for you.

Don’t get me wrong, having a structure is a beautiful thing; it’s when were subject to an overly structured diet and exercise program that we have difficulty and talk in terms that are not normal or natural or lifestyle based.

Lifestyle strategies, the way we do things, always change as our circumstances change.

It’s no wonder nobody can stick with the programs; not even the professionals – they don’t waste their time – they know better.

Your lifestyle is the program! Improve it, eating nutrient rich.

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