Develop a “New Normal” Healthy Eating Style You Can Call Your Own provides the simplest and
most direct path to healthy eating and success!

There is a new voice in the nutrition community—and it is a booming one! John Allen Mollenhauer, a leading proponent of the More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich® Approach to nutrient rich healthy eating, is proud to announce the re-launch of, a robust website chock full of goodies including The Complete Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan and Support System that enables people to make “the Switch” from nutrient-poor unhealthy eating to the great-tasting “nutrient-rich” healthy eating style that is growing in popularity. The site also offers Mollenhauer’s Switch to Rich Digest, a Blog of well-written and researched relevant articles and current event commentary, on this revolutionary new eating style; a delicious and nutritious line of raw, whole, organic super food nutrition products at The Rezealiant Living Store; a comprehensive support system; and a healthy Recipe Database that is second to none! It is the culmination of his life’s work—and it shows! John Allen has wrapped it all up into the simplest and most direct path to success!

The beauty of the nutrient-rich way of eating and living is that you can eat Vegetarian or Vegan or not, gluten-free or not, organic or not, low calorie or not, low fat or not, and even low-carb or not–and still be eating the Nutrient Rich Way. It is an eating style that starts with optimizing the foods and meals you eat for nutrient density, variety, volume and great taste, free of addictive substance so you eat the right amount of calories for you, when you are truly hungry.

It is based on the emerging body of nutritional research that demonstrates the healing powers of higher-micro-nutrient per-calorie foods that detoxify the body, promote natural weight loss, dramatically improve health, reverse disease, and promote slower aging, a younger look and a longer life.

This is not a one-diet-fits-all approach; rather, nutrient-rich healthy eating is a normal and natural way to eat that is designed to meet all of your needs, all the time, including Great Taste!

“This is not just a website—it is a complete healthy eating system that starts delivering the minute you subscribe,” states Mollenhauer, a nutrition education trainer and performance lifestyle coach.

When people enter the site, they are invited to download a very revealing guide called, Wow, I Thought I Was Eating Healthy! Have You Tricked Yourself into ‘Believing’ You’re Eating a Healthy Diet? A must read, as it illuminates the 9 ‘healthier’ diet tactics that are causing us to gain weight, drain our energy and age faster.

After reading this insightful Guide, users are then invited to take a Personal Diet Quality (PDQ) Assessment, which provides them with a Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Score, and recommendations for improvement, as well as a fun icon that inspires users to take the way they eat to a whole new level.

Next they get The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, which is available in printed and digital formats including .pdf, and .epub and .noki for Ipad, Nook and Kindle ereaders, etc., and consists of:

  • Step 1: Switch to Rich—Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating  
  • Step 2: Shop, Organize, Prepare & Eat Out The Nutrient Rich® Way
  • Step 3: Simple, Quick & EasyNutrient Rich® Recipes (created by Chef Ramses Bravo)
  • Step 4: How to Lose Weight the Nutrient Rich® Way!

The Plan also comes coupled with an extensive Membership Site, which includes online and phone support, a Member Forum, Training and Q&A Calls, with John Allen, and much, much more, as well as a free 300-gram, 30-day supply of Rezealiant “Living Feast” —the great-tasting, whole food, nutrient-rich low-calorie way to fill up, and also speed up body detoxification and natural weight loss!

After many years of being on the path of improving his eating and overall lifestyle, while developing a new worldview on how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully, and be better able to achieve your goals, known as Performance Lifestyle®, John Allen wanted to establish a new standard of eating. Naturally, he arrived at eating nutrient rich because, as John Allen says, “All paths of dietary practice eventually lead to nutrient-rich healthy eating.”

Mentored early on, by Joel Fuhrman, MD, a leading physician and high-nutrient density nutrition researcher, John Allen became a consummate student on the subject and ultimately launched, and was one of the first in the world to begin defining how to eat in a nutrient-rich way.

John’s approach is fresh, modern and to the point. His clear and direct message fully explains what it means to eat “nutrient rich”—the buzz term for healthy eating that we have been hearing so much about these days, which is based on the cornerstone of nutrition called, “nutrient density.”

Mollenhauer says, “When I first caught wind of this idea, I didn’t approach it from a weight loss-only or an “eating healthier” motivation because, as a former body-builder, I had already traveled those paths and knew they didn’t provide sustainable results. Rather, I wanted to find the healthiest and most successful way to eat, and make that ‘The New Normal’ for people who were clearly suffering from hidden lifestyle challenges that were holding them back—the biggest of which, was how they were eating!”

And thanks to his tireless work this healthy eating style is finally being discovered by a whole new generation of people! However, John Allen admits that he did not discover this eating style all on his own and clearly acknowledges that The Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Style and Plan were developed on the shoulders of giants—all of whom cleared the way by heroically doing the long-term studies, clinical work and research on plant-based nutrition and lifestyle intervention, as the way to live disease free. Throughout his career, John Allen has had the leadership and mentoring of many of these leading health and performance professionals, several of whom he now calls close friends, and many of whom are members of The Lifestyle Health and Science Advisory at John simply mined all of the information and ideas he could find, taking the best of the best to create The Complete Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan and Lifestyle Support Systemthe most direct path to success.

Nutrient-Rich eating is The Great-Tasting Healthy Way to Eat that delivers what he has coined as The 7 Success Results Every Body Wants—detoxification, natural weight loss, optimized health and performance, reversal of life-style induced diseases (being overweight, heart disease, and diabetes, etc.), slower aging, looking younger and maximized longevity.

“Eating nutrient rich is not a fad—once you discover it, you can’t go back,” adds Mollenhauer, CEO, Nutrient Rich Life., Inc.

“I can only imagine starting from this place when I began my search for the healthiest and most successful way to eat,” says John Allen, with a smile.

John Allen Mollenhauer invites the public to check out, where they can take their time in understanding this amazing new eating style, by reading and discovering their own paths to Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating!

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