John Allen Mollenhauer

As a performance coach, nutrition educator, and lifestyle entrepreneur, John has been helping to usher in the high nutrient density or “nutrient-rich” eating approach for more than 20 years. John Allen or “JAM” as he is affectionately known, a self-proclaimed “superfoodie,” launched when the 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines recognized “nutrient density” as a cornerstone of good nutrition and took it to new heights in 2010, when the USDA stated, “with two-thirds of Americans overweight or living on prescription meds, the USDA calls on ALL Americans to eat a more Nutrient-Rich Diet.” A former competitive athlete and present-day endurance athlete, John is also author/co-author of several books on nutrition and performance lifestyle. John passionately promotes a vital, unique path to achieving your highest goals in life business or sport—with superior health and well-being intact. He and his team support, inspire, train, and educate achievers to unleash the full potential of their lifestyles—similar to the way professional athletes do—to look, feel and perform brilliantly. He lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife Mariahna and their son Ian.

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