First North Jersey Nutritarian’s Meet Up at The Lifestyle Coaching Center

If you want to learn a new lifestyle, just hang out with people who eat, think and live the way you want and you will learn some really cool things and develop new habits by osmosis. That’s one reason we started The Lifestyle Coaching Center / online because we want people to see how it’s really done!

We just held the first North Jersey Nutritarian Meet up at our center and had a pot luck nutrient rich meal with 3 new friends. Here it is in pictures and in video, like you were there yourself!

Five pioneering members kicked off the North Jersey Nutritarian’s Meet Up and it was a great time. I’m not in the picture, because I was taking it and probably eating. 😉

We had Dr. Fuhrman’s Anti Cancer Soup, Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Chocolate Cake, two different Quinoa dishes, a goji berry nut mix and a watermelon.

This was great, not only because of the great food but also because this is often where you do some of you best learning when changing your diet style or lifestyle; in collaboration with others and in fun social situations. This was fun and we met new friends!

Here’s a video from the night where we all answered a simple question… If I were going to be my favorite fruit or vegetable, what would it be and why?

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