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How To Make Indian Vegetable Khichdi

This simple South Asian recipe is delicious, easy to cook and is easy to digest. This is a very good option if you want to cook something fast but do not have lot of options. The combination of herbs and spices will fill your kitchen with a wonderful fragrance, and reward your tongue with spiciness …

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Simple, Quick And Easy Smoothies

Smoothies are perfect for quick nutritional breakfast, outdoor entertaining, snack or just simply to quench thirst! A good smoothie should contain a blend of ingredients with phytonutrients, protein and fiber to help keep you full and provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And when it comes to smoothies, don’t forget to keep an eye on portion …

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Zucchini Carrot Pasta with Mushrooms

I have been wanting to try and make zucchini ribbons or ‘noodles/pasta’ for ages now, because they are a healthy and fun alternative to whole wheat or bean pasta, and plus they just look really neat. But here’s the thing, despite the fact that I have a million kitchen gadgets, I can’t say I own …

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Ultimate Barley Burgers

Who doesn’t love a good veggie burger ? We at Nutrient Rich totally dig it. But since most the ones you find in the freezer section tend to be pretty flavorless, or loaded with salt and are not up to the nutrient rich eating standard, we decided to come up with this recipe that is …

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Chinese Apricot Stir-fry

Lately I’ve been going crazy for Asian style food. I’ve always been a big fan of stir-fry meals, they are quick and simple to prepare and you can create your own nutrient rich version that tastes just as delicious as in the restaurants but so much healthier! Chinese Apricot Stir-fry Ingredients: 2 Whole Blocks of …

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Chocolate Pudding With A Twist

I have some questions for you: do you like bananas? Do you like chocolate? Do you like berries? Do you like chocolate puddings? if you said yes to all of them, then you’re going to adore these two recipes for a delicious but healthier and nutrient rich twist to your favorite dessert. I really like …

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Dress Your Salad for Success – Healthy Salad Dressings, Finally!

Dr. Fuhrman’s dressings are made with only the highest quality, fresh, all natural ingredients. Heart healthy raw nuts and seeds take the place of unhealthy oils found in most other dressings. These unique recipes use nuts and seeds with other nutrient-rich ingredients to create a scrumptious, full flavored taste in every bottle. Your salads will never be the same!

Eat Ice Cream Every Night of the Week – New Nutrient Rich Recipe.

I just uploaded a new Nutrient Rich Recipe to The Nutrient Rich Food and Recipe Database here at the site. Now imagine you could eat ice cream every night of the week. You can when it’s it’s Nutrient Rich ice cream. Now, keep this in mind. If you are trying to lose weight the Nutrient …

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