Full, with Fewer Calories – Make Every Calorie Count.

Full and Fulfilled!

Reprinted with Permission:

The Pleasure Trap. Dr’s Alan Goldhamer DC, and Doug Lisle PhD.

Making Every Calorie Count is the key to the Nutrient Rich Way of Eating. The only way you can get satiated with few calories is to eat nutrient dense foods!

Just look at at this graphic above…

See what happens when you eat oil? Lots of calories, pure fat and no food in your stomach.

Now see what you get when you are eating Fruits and vegetables. Lots of food and still the same calories!

What’s the point of fighting to eat foods that are going to make you fat and sick, and not even satisfy your desires to eat?

The key is learning how to eat the nutrient rich way, great tasting foods that will satisfy you with fewer calories; which by the way, also just so happens to be the ultimate food formula for longevity.

The sample equations are talking about just eating natural foods, now factor in eating Nutrient Rich Recipes and oh my god you are in for one amazing satiating treat.

The Next level in Healthy Eating, is to move beyond nutrient poor foods (only in small quantities if you eat them) and start eating 80-90% or more nutrient rich foods.

This is now you lose weight naturally.

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