Health Starts Here: The Whole Foods Adventure

On Saturday night Nutrient co founder (and someone very dear to me) Rosie Battista and I, along with her mother Rita, went to dinner at Whole Foods in Millburn-Union NJ for a Saturday night meal.

Yes, it’s practically becoming a restaurant; pretty cool to have a selection the size of Whole Foods Market when you go to eat. You don’t have a waiter, but you can literally eat whatever you want!

If you are foodies like us, really interested in learning how to shop, prepare, organize and eat out the Nutrient Rich whole foods way, then going to eat at a place like Whole Foods, when you are not necessarily looking for a fine dining experience but just want an interesting and exciting place to eat, is incredible.

We love hunting (foraging) up and down the isles for new and cool products, and developments and insights into what’s happening in the word of food and nutrition.

Well, this last trip was especially exciting as Whole Foods implemented a salad bar isle, (amongst their many) that is completely natural, meaning no oil added; just whole foods, that are plant strong, with healthy fats, that are nutrient dense.

The unhealthy fats (oils) on the salad ingredients was always a bone of contention many people had with whole foods salad bars, as they were laden with oil. For those who eat clean, you don’t want oil saturated into your greens…

Anyway that has all changed since John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, whom I had breakfast and a jog with 5 weeks ago at Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaway, rolled out the Health Starts Here initiative what added to our Whole Foods Adventure.

As we were walking around the store, we could see all the new developments that we heard him speak of as “coming” at the Health Getaway. I was surprised at how fast they have been implemented, but then, thinking about the fact that produce sales have increased over 1000% since Dr. Fuhrman’s ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) Food Scores have been placed around the store informing consumers about the nutrient “ranking” of the foods they are eating (very similar to what we do in The Food Class System, only more detailed) it’s likely they were extra motivated.

What was so incredible, was to see the posse of professionals I have been growing and developing with for nearly 20 years, occupying such a front and center position in one of the most well known and fastest growing grocery stores in America. Given there are countless nutritional camps out there, it’s good to be part of a group of people who are leading the nutrient rich food revolution.

You can see books by Joel Fuhrman M.D. – Eat to Live, T Colin Campbell – The China Study, Caldwell Esselstyn – Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and John McDougall – The McDougall Plan, and Rip Esselstyn, The Engine 2 Diet right there on top of the salad bar aisle.  You can also find their market leading books all over the book store with special Kiosks.

At the Health Starts Here Salad Bar at Whole Foods

I’m at once gloating a little to know that the market as a whole see’s the work of these leaders as the most sensible, powerful and practical nutritional advise around, but also to know that each is promoting the idea of eating high nutrient, nutrient dense or nutrient rich foods.

There is a reason why eating nutrient rich foods is the most successful way to eat for health, performance and natural weight loss.

Eating Nutrient Rich is simple, it’s based on empirically sound data, meets your bodies nutritional needs, is clean, green, good for the planet, doesn’t clog your arteries, no animals die, no blood shed, great tasting, great for the economy of new and improved healthy nutrient rich foods, fun to market… shall I keep going?

We were so excited to see this and the food was amazing. I put together a salad that was off the charts. You can see it to the right. it was overflowing the box!

Rosie, has better control than me when it comes to buffets. 😉

The Health Starts Here Whole Food Adventure was allot of fun and I highly recommend you try it sometime. We’ve been around a long time and we always learn new things.

Get free of the diet traps, and start eating Nutrient Rich Today!

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