Salad Meal Ideas

The Meal That Keep on Serving You
One of the Most Practical Ways to Eat

One of the most practical ways to eat Nutrient Rich Superfoods is learning how to make Salad Meals. Salad’s are no longer the side dish in today’s healthy “superfood” eating style’s that are taking advantage of now incredibly convenient access to the worlds best and healthiest foods, meals, drinks and other natural products.

Just as the boundaries of most food venues have come down, opening up the flood gates of creativity, from the pizza to the sandwiches with unlimited variety, the Salad Meal is no different.

Salad Meals are compilations of the nutrient-rich superfoods you want to eat throughout the day all in one place.

The beauty of salad meals is that they are meals that keep on delivering offering left overs that can be eaten multiple times per day. They are convenient, rich in various greens, beans, dried and fresh fruits, grains and nuts and seeds and can contain very small amounts of animal products if you eat animal foods.

What’s so satisfying about salad meals is their variety of foods and ease of preparation, since there is not cooking.

They are mainly raw food meals, not because they need to be “raw”, but because most the ingredients are fresh. Not including canned beans if you use them for convenience. No salt added beans like you get at Whole Foods are a great canned food addition. Here’s an example of black beans.

The variety provides just the right mount of leafy and green vegetables providing volume and the foods richest in micronutrients, among all the other nutrient rich superfood that have similar qualities all in line with the golden rules of healthy eating. You get sweet, you get umami (tastes like protein), you get green, crunchy and more. Assuming you are not suffering from chronic detoxification, once you eat a salad meal you are genuinely satisfied for many many hours.

Some salad meal ideas:

  •  In this salad meal above, we mixed:
  • Romaine lettuce, with
  • Kidney and black beans,
    Sesame seeds,
  • Diced cabbage (cruciferous) and
  • Sun dried tomatoes, with
  • Baked crimini mushrooms and hidden in there is probably an
  • avocado and
  • some cashews.

Start Making Salad Meals today!




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