The Challenges…

Eating a whole foods, organic “Nutrient Rich” diet, one that is nutrient dense and calorically normal, and saying you’ll do so, is not the challenge you’ll face when deciding to Eat Better, Not less.

The challenges are as follows…(note these are challenges, I didn’t say obstacles or blockades) just challenges that will soon disappear.

#1 – Moving beyond old beliefs and myths that seem to serve you but don’t. Like you need milk for strong bones or animal protein to be strong and grow your muscles. These are two perfect examples… only knowledge will give you the confidence to get free of these diet traps and there are many more…

#2 Developing a whole hearted intention and the desire to change from your current diet of, on average, 93% animal foods and ultra refined foods and only 7% Nutrient Rich Foods, when most people don’t think there’s a problem.

You don’t know what you don’t know… and that requires an open mind, and some curiosity – one of the most powerful character traits!

#3 Getting free of the diet traps, given diet traps, while they may be simple to get free of, may not be easy to free off depending on how deeply snared you are. Most people have spent so much time in the diet traps; they’ve build lifestyles around them. Low carb is a perfect example.

#4 Transitioning from nutrient poor to Nutrient Rich is the next challenge because interpreting what’s going on when it’s happening, not coming to conclusions too fast about what’s happening and why, and staying the course to where you want to be (the promise land of sort) while your motivation is high but your knowledge is limited can be challenging.

That’s why we provide ongoing support at Nutrient via phone, email and the Internet. We’ll show you how to transition successfully!

#5 Your next challenge might be family issues. Most people are diet trapped, that includes your family and they many not support your improvement as fast as you’d like. There are proven strategies to support your success and attract them in the same direction. Notice I didn’t say prod, or convert, or pull them I said “attract”.

#6 Logistical issues might also be a challenge… in a marketplace that serves nutrient poor food everywhere, though more and more nutrient rich food every day… you still have to be on the lookout for all the Nutrient Rich establishments, stores, foods as they pop up around you and build some new routines.

Nutrient poor food purveyors are counting on you being lazy and staying stuck in their traps; instead we’ll show you how to take charge in your life when it comes to food, have fun and feel great about yourself because you’ve raised your standard to Nutrient Rich.

#7 Another challenge is the simple idea of raising your standard! We have grown to love nutrient poor foods. We have holidays, birthdays and occasions where our loved ones are serving nutrient poor foods all the time, and doing so with love… what do you say, no? Well, yes but not in the way you may think… I can’t wait to explain how you master social situations when it comes to food!

#8 How about time? There is no question that any change, no matter what we’re talking about requires some extra time up front, as you get acclimated, learn and build new routines. That’s the way it is folks; but no where is this investment of time more valuable and more rewarding than when it comes to food.

Just think about all the time you’ll save when you’re no longer engaged in heroic efforts in dieting and exercise or at the doctor, or in the hospital or for heavens sake, without any time left. The ultimate savings of time is having more of it! (take this seriously!)

Nothing raises your sense of self esteem more than knowing YOU are taking care of yourself and you’re getting better with each and every meal.

Eating Nutrient Rich is your ticket to meeting new people, discovering new places, traveling new places, learning new things. Food is the ultimate identifier, and it will literally expand your identity. You’ll just get better!

Better health, better weight, better energy, Better fitness results… you’re life will just get better!

Join the Nutrient Rich Revolution today!

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