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First North Jersey Nutritarian’s Meet Up at The Lifestyle Coaching Center

If you want to learn a new lifestyle, just hang out with people who eat, think and live the way you want and you will learn some really cool things and develop new habits by osmosis. That’s one reason we started The Lifestyle Coaching Center / online because we want people to see how it’s really done! We just held the first North Jersey Nutritarian Meet up at our center and had a pot luck nutrient rich meal with 3 new friends. Here it is in pictures and in video, like you were there yourself!

Next we’ll be uploading pictures of Tracy who lost 701bs this past year, upgrading her diet to nutrient rich!

The Paleo Diet in a Nutshell

I had to post this video on the Paleo diet in a nutshell. My friend Cindy just sent it to me, by email knowing that it would make a great blog post. It does such a good job describing, no “illustrating”, the modern day landscape that is making people fat, sick and nearly dead.

But first, as you watch this, keep these 3 myths and untruths in mind that we’ll get into in greater detail in future posts:

Doctor Building Nutritarian Army to Fight Disease

Celebrities sing Dr. Fuhrman’s praises for helping them stay fit and trim, but this physician is determined to arm all Americans with not only the best weapon for battling weight struggles but also for fighting off chronic illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and others. He has helped countless individuals make dramatic health recoveries through his unique high-nutrient dietary approach each saving thousands of dollars on medications. Dr. Fuhrman’s scientific discovery contributing to this success is that micronutrient adequacy derails food addictions and overeating behavior These disease recoveries, achieved with natural whole foods, prepared deliciously, are inspiring to all and critical to consider in our present crisis of expensive and unaffordable health care.

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