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Get Switched On Video

Years ago in early 1990’s when I was working with Tony Robbins (who really introduced me to Living Health) I worked with a great guy named Chip Eichelberger. I remember to this day, when Chip, my friend Bob Quintana and I went bungee jumping off an old crane in San Diego. It was when MC Hammer was huge and we came up with a phrase for Chip modeled after a famous song from the MC “Too Legit to Quit”…. we use to say “Too Le Chip to Quit”.

The reason we came up with that mantra was because Chip was  a leader, and someone who really inspired us. Not that we wanted to quit anything per say, but when we were facing the crane and contemplating jumping off of it, well… we were too Le Chip to Quit!

Recently, I reconnected with Chip when I was doing some performance lifestyle research on the study that was done at the University of Michigan back in 2005, that came to the conclusion that only 3% of the population lives a healthy lifestyle successfully and found a reference to Chip who was also promoting an idea called The 3% Percent Choice.

I would like to say shamelessly that great minds think alike, so I will. 😉

We got to talking and I checked out his Get Switched On website and thought to myself, why not have Chip share his favorite smoothie recipe to help get others switched on each day. Chip’s 50, looks like he’s 40 and hit’s it like he’s 30, and let me tell you it has allot to do with the way he eat.

So here it is and it’s great. It’s Chip’s nutrient rich “Get Switched On” Smoothie. It’s also got a blooper at the end that is pretty funny. LOL>

Get Switched On Morning – Afternoon Smoothie

Posted on September 21st, 2010 by John Allen Mollenhauer

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