Strength Beyond Muscles – The Natural Weight Loss Transformation Story by Rosie Battista

Just yesterday we posted Rosie Battista’s initial story of Transformation: Newly Minted 50 Year Old Woman Loses 35lbs and Stands Side by Side Her 20 Year Old Daughter With Tantalizing Allure, Beauty and Grace!

I then shared the turning point for Rosie which led to making the deeper changes in her life, and her lifestyle so that she could lose weight naturally and do it successfully. The Turning Point – Setting an Ambitious Life Goal

A big motivation for losing weight was waking up every morning with the pain of a closet filled with beautiful clothes that didn’t fit. Wearing the same outfit for over two years because nothing else fit did not bode well for this “wanna-be fashion designer/model”. Simply stated, I love clothes. But more than the clothes, my self esteem and confidence suffered. Non-existent may be the better term. Not feeling comfortable in your body does uncomfortable things to your head. Add to that the fact that I teach fitness and weight loss for a living and you’ve got the perfect storm for feeling like crap.

I came home that night and told my kids about what I wanted to do. Their response… “Mom, you’re always talking about how you want (ed) to do this… so MOM, if you want to do it, stop talking about it and just do it”. A simple, easy attitude adjustment reminder from the kids. “JUST DO IT ALREADY.” It seems like everyone was ready for me to do it, the question was…Was I ready. With a little nudge from my co-worker and kids, I finally was! (Let me interject a moment of gratitude as I appreciate that my kids did listen to me!)

Now, here is the full story of Strength Beyond Muscles – The Natural Weight Loss Transformation Story by Rosie Battista.

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