Newly Minted 50 Year Old Woman Loses 35lbs and Stands Side by Side Her 20 Year Old Daughter With Tantalizing Allure, Beauty and Grace!

This Was Then: Rosie in May 2010

She’s my partner Rosie Battista.

Not only did she lose weight in a Nutrient Rich way, she fulfilled a long held ambitious dream to compete in a figure competition and better yet with her 20 year old daughter who is also a site to behold.

Rosie joined me about 10 months ago, to help me found the new and The Lifestyle Coaching Center where we operate from, when the dream to compete in a figure competition entered her mind.

This was not a simple decision for Rosie; at that time she was dealing with some major life stresses that warranted changes she needed to be make; in addition to facing all the challenges that would face her preparing for her first figure competition ever.

Not only had she never done something like this before, but she was going to do it with her 20 year old daughter, while turning 50, while selling her home, while moving, and getting into a new aspect of her career. All of  this meant she was going to face at times overwhelming changes, emotions, and demands on her energy.

I was suspect that this was a good idea, given all that she was in process with to restructure her life, and it was challenging for me, because as someone promoting health, most body building and figure competitions promote the exact opposite (even though it is healthy to lose weight) and I know from having been an amateur body builder years ago.

But Rosie, was determined to do it and determined to do it in a healthy way.

The Turning Point Was In Her Kitchen.

Now when Rosie makes a decision she really makes a decision as I look back in retrospect. Things had been very challenging for her last year with some major life changes that prompted the need for hard decisions. Stress of that kind has a major impact on you, and your weight, often times even if you are eating healthy. Cortisol and stress hormones and the stress that cause their release are great weight gainers. Even if you are eating nutrient rich foods, you can gain weight if you are eating for the wrong reasons and when you are not hungry. That was the problem for Rosie, and she didn’t have a goal other than weight loss. (more on that later).

This is Now: Rosie in August 2010

It took some weeks of contemplation, (can you imagine?) but once she did, Rosie provided any lookers on, one of the most compelling examples of transformation one could want to witness. (I watched it)

I can’t be prouder of Rosie, and frankly because of her I’m competing in a 10k race next week following a month of training running 3-6 miles per training day. She helped me make needed changes from where I was at and I thank her. Actually she’s been coaching me on taking my diet to the next level of healthy eating!

I hope that at some point you get a chance to work with Rosie or take one of her courses; she has lots of experience to share.

We’ll be sharing more about Rosie’s Transformation; particularly how she lost weight the Nutrient Rich way and exercised while achieving her most ambitious life goal and without burning out to stand side by side her also beautiful daughter with tantalizing Allure, Beauty and Grace.

Stay tuned.

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