Perfect Fat For Athletes and Anyone else looking to lose weight naturally

Perfect fat for athletes

I found this great article from Body that addresses one of the biggest nutritional myths ever~that a low fat diet will equal weight loss.

I have been eating a lot of avocado’s lately and loving them. Not only becuase they are creamy, satisfying and delicious but becuase they helped me lose weight- 30 pounds!

Currently, while preparing for a figure competition,  I added an avocado a day into my meal plan and the weight just kept coming off.   I never allowed myself to eat an avocado prior to this experience as I always thought they were FAT and would make me FAT. Well nothing can be further from the truth.

Figure competitors have low body fat and eat avocado’s which proves the point that nutrient rich fats are healthy and promote natural weight loss.

This is one diet trap that I am happy to have broken free of. By the way there are many, many other diet traps that keep ups stuck in dieting hell.  If you are unfamiliar with what a diet trap is Click here for a free report and leave a comment on some of the diet traps you’ve personally experienced and what you have discovered.

Rosie Battista

1 thought on “Perfect Fat For Athletes and Anyone else looking to lose weight naturally”

  1. Mikela Doersam (Edmonton, Canada)

    I wanted to share with you a recent discovery with Avocados, I always liked avocados, but stayed away from them because of the thought that they would keep you fat, but it's far from the truth. I have been battling with high blood pressure (hypertension) for about 4 years now. This year I started to make it a habit to go to the gym, my body was screaming at me "let's burn some sweat" Then I started eatting avocados and the amazing transformation happened I went to scan my blood pressure one day, and my results were lower, my skin feels better, I have also dropped weight.  I didn't do much difference in what I eat, but added the avocados.   — Mikela, Edmonton, AB

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