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I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it, but it never stops amazing me, when I see the
natural transformations that people make when they start eating a nutrient rich diet as
part of a new and improved lifestyle.

This past week was chock full of new NutrientRich experiences that we want to share
with you, but none is more powerful than The Tracie Boyle story.

Tracie Boyle who was able to loseweight naturally by doing it the nutrient rich way.
After years of hopping from one nutrient poor diet to another, she finally started eating
nutrient rich foods.

We met Tracie at The Lifestyle Coaching Center in Livingston NJ, were we socialize around
eating nutrient rich foods and have a lot of fun. It was there that Tracie shared her story
of natural weightl.oss transformation by eating a nutrient rich diet.

She tells her story here; she shares what inspired her and the book that really started it
all for her, and has even provided her cooking blog where “Tracie Cooks Stuff”, and you
can see what foods she’s eating.


Also This Week On the Blog.

Enjoy these posts from the Team, they are chock full of amazing information.

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