Chinese Apricot Stir-fry

Lately I’ve been going crazy for Asian style food. I’ve always been a big fan of stir-fry meals, they are quick and simple to prepare and you can create your own nutrient rich version that tastes just as delicious as in the restaurants but so much healthier!

Chinese Apricot Stir-fry



2 Whole Blocks of Extra Firm Tofu, cubed into bite sized pieces

2-3 Packages of Frozen Mixed Vegetables

1 lb baby bok choy, stems thinly sliced and leaves coarsely chopped (divided) (could add more)

4 tsp Apricot Preserve (100% fruit, no sugar added)

1 tsp Garlic Powder

4 Tbls Cooking Wine

6 Tbls Water

2 tablespoons Dr. Fuhrman’s VegiZest

1 teaspoon Bragg Liquid Aminos

1/2 tsp Chinese Seasoning, salt free



Instructions Adding 2 tbsp. of water in a pan and add the tofu. Put on a medium heat and once the pan is hot, lower the heat. Turn the tofu frequently at first to prevent sticking. Eventually, the water from the tofu will be released and it won’t have to be turned so frequently. Stir in baby bok choy stems and cook for 2-3 minutes until slightly cooked.

In a cup, mix the apricot preserves, Dr. Fuhrman VegiZest, cooking wine, 2 tbsp. water and the Braggs Aminos. Sprinkle half of this mixture over the tofu and continue to simmer. Defrost the frozen vegetables in a microwave or steam on stove top. Once defrosted, add vegetables to the tofu. Sprinkle the remaining sauce over tofu-vegetable mix and add the Chinese seasoning. Continue to simmer until the liquid is largely cooked off.

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