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Zucchini Carrot Pasta with Mushrooms

I have been wanting to try and make zucchini ribbons or ‘noodles/pasta’ for ages now, because they are a healthy and fun alternative to whole wheat or bean pasta, and plus they just look really neat. But here’s the thing, despite the fact that I have a million kitchen gadgets, I can’t say I own […]

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Can nutrient poor diet contribute to stress?

Most of us experience a degree of stress in our lives – it’s part of being a human being. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and we seek out ways to actively reduce the levels of stress we feel. While many see external factors as solutions – changing jobs, moving homes, getting rid of toxic relationships

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Chinese Apricot Stir-fry

Lately I’ve been going crazy for Asian style food. I’ve always been a big fan of stir-fry meals, they are quick and simple to prepare and you can create your own nutrient rich version that tastes just as delicious as in the restaurants but so much healthier! Chinese Apricot Stir-fry Ingredients: 2 Whole Blocks of

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