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Do You Need to Supplement a Nutrient Rich Plant-Based Diet, With Protein?

First, let’s get clear on something (according to Joel Fuhrman, MD, and my own personal and professional experience)–assuming that you are eating a nutrient-rich diet, you can only be deficient in protein, if you are deficient in calories. All protein comes from plants in the form of amino acids that animals eat to build muscle. You …

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First North Jersey Nutritarian’s Meet Up at The Lifestyle Coaching Center

If you want to learn a new lifestyle, just hang out with people who eat, think and live the way you want and you will learn some really cool things and develop new habits by osmosis. That’s one reason we started The Lifestyle Coaching Center / online because we want people to see how it’s really done! We just held the first North Jersey Nutritarian Meet up at our center and had a pot luck nutrient rich meal with 3 new friends. Here it is in pictures and in video, like you were there yourself!

Next we’ll be uploading pictures of Tracy who lost 701bs this past year, upgrading her diet to nutrient rich!

The Two Things That Make Nutrient Dense Nutrition, Foods So Revolutionary

There are two things about Nutrient Rich nutrition and foods that are so revolutionary. It’s not because you are learning to eat more fruits and vegetables; I mean, who doesn’t know that maximum nutrition from foods is in the vegetables and fruits? Almost everyone does. What’s revolutionary are these two things 1) That you can …

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Nutrient Density definitions

Nutritional science in the last twenty years has demonstrated that colorful plant foods contain a huge assortment of protective compounds, mostly of which still remain unnamed. Only by eating an assortment of nutrient-rich natural whole foods can we access these protective compounds and prevent the common diseases that afflict Americans. Our modern, low-nutrient eating style has led to an overweight population, the majority of whom develop diseases of nutritional ignorance, causing our medical costs to spiral out of control – Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Top 10 Most Nutrient Rich Foods

When most people think of “healthy” foods, they think of vegetables. They are right. Yet in the same thought process most people will squirm with speculation as to whether or not they can eat these nutrient rich foods in a way that they enjoy. That speculation is about to end as fast as you can say Bok Choy!

Powerful Day at Dr Fuhrman’s Health Getaway!

Wow, What a day! First Dr Fuhrman talked about Food Addictions and Weight Loss and the moral of the story is this: Unless you understand the underlying science and dynamics of food addiction and weight loss, you wont really understand how to lose weight safely, fast and sustainably. For example: There are Four Dimensions of …

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Eating Disorders, the Nutrient Solution is a Nutrient Rich diet

Many years ago, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders began to send me her clients because she had heard that antidepressant medications worked for these patients. I had by then shifted to a more holistic approach, so I told her that before I prescribed antidepressants, I wanted to try some more natural methods. I had discovered that in many cases of eating disorder, there is an underlying biochemical issue – a combination of food sensitivity, blood sugar imbalance and nutrient deficiency. She agreed, her patients cooperated, and we had some excellent, medication-free results. This encouraged me to continue on this natural path as I have to this day. Here are some of my discoveries, as well as subsequent research by others in this growing field.

New Years Food Resolutions You Can Enjoy

Now of course, I just had to jump in on this one because the Dairy and Beef Boards have built their whole marketing and PR campaigns on conveying their products as Nutrient Rich foods and they are NOT, at lease by the true Nutrient Rich definition and believe me, allot of time, logic and brain power went into defining what it means to eat “Nutrient Rich”.

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